does pay = insurance?

I remember a while ago being told that we would have to claim an MTD when we took part in a coy paintballing jolly because it was the only way that we would be insured against injury both on the white fleet coach there and whilst participating. If this is indeed the case and you need to be paid in order to be covered by the army's insurance then is it possible for them to turn round and say that you are only getting partial payment for a camp or exercise? Wont go into specifics but several people have been told that they wont be getting paid for taking part in an exercise despite others that were attending recieving full pay. Asside from the fact that it seems 'unfair' are there any other issues that could be used to get them the pay they deserve?

Any advice welcome.

As far as im aware you dont have to be getting paid to be covered by the armys insurance, as long as you have "signed on" for whatever you're doing you can still be covered, when boys were trying to organise njimeggen for us they were told that if they wanted to do group training it would have to be "Cat C", i.e not being paid but still registered as performing duties, due to the lack of MTDs.

As for not being paid for an exercise i find that hard to believe, not calling you a liar, but if its military training and thus beneficial to the corps then i would defo expect to be getting paid!!
Maybe due to them exceding their annual MTDs?
Damn right everyone expected to be getting paid for it! Not how its worked out tho! Think i'm going to move the post out of here and onto the main financial board to see if i can get a better response on there because as yet the problem has not been resolved.


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