Does No Pay Equal No Retention

Another in my 22 year sagas of 'you couldnt make it up'. I have it from an unimpeachable source that several Phase 2 Private soldiers in the RLC have at the time and date of typing (1856 Hrs 040406) still not been paid for March 2006. All are still cash paid and all have been told, by officialdom of some kind, that "it is being sorted". Why doesnt officialdom of some kind just bung them some of THEIR money. Does anyone remember us getting the same treatment back in the day? Well I bet you didnt think that it would still be going on. Heres hoping that someone can sort these clowns of 'admin' staff out before the toms tell their civvie mates and we lose some more potential recruits.. Brewery, p*** up, organise, couldnt, etc, etc. STOP PRESS. Its all OK now as they have been promised they will be paid by Friday so thats okay then.
this is, if true, absolutely disguisting - this is the British Army....not the people's army of Kurdistan.

May i suggest that you phone DRLC, his number can be found inside the Corps journal

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