Does New Orleans re-open the gun control debate?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cheesypoptart, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. With so many armed people out there that no one can distinguish between looting criminals and desperate families, does this indicate that gun control may be a good idea after all?

    Or does it indicate that once again Charlton Heston was right when he said, "guns don't kill people, apes with guns kill people"?

    One thing that's become quite clear, is that when the chips are down in modern America, it's everyone for themselves.
  2. No.
  3. Whilst I enjoy a little Septic bashing, I don't think that that's reserved solely for them: survival of the fittest is what would drive us all.
  4. Is he having flashbacks to his film days? ;)
  5. Question: Why not?

  6. survival of the fittest with guns or survival of the fittest without guns? What do you reckon?
  7. i wonder what would happen over here in blighty, would we all meet on the church hall roof, share food and sing "we'll meet again" in true blitz spirit. Or would we break into the nearest Woolworths to steal the pick and mix.

    Also where is the DEC's fundrasing for this dissaster, suppose the US can look after itself.
  8. I think you'd find the local Woolies would open the doors and distribute what would be ruined stock anyway. I have mentioned this on another forum but I think looting to some degree or other would happen anywhere but in the US it always seems to go OTT (see aftermath of the Rodney King incident)
  9. Just seen on CNN, Doctors and escourt shot at by looters, National Guard Helicopter had a pot shot taken at it and of course yesterday a New Orleans Copper shot by looters.... nothing to do with the fact that the Gun Department at Walmart got looted? Yeah you are going to have semi anarchy when the PD is unable to provide complete security due to over strech and lack of comms and command structure, and there are desperate conditions with no food or water and people awfully desperate; you will get looting, but when the looters have pinched shooters... makes the job a lot harder for the authorities who are busy search and rescueing and trying to hold on to order! Just my sixpence worth.... God Speed the men and women doing their best to try to sort everything out down there!
  10. I think that in a situation like this, it will always result in a level of violent intent among a certain segment of the population. If guns are available, then they will use them, if not, there will be as many violent incidents, but largely involving more 'household' weapons like knives, bats, etc. etc.

    On the one hand, widespread gun ownership will probably result in more fatalities under these circumstances (guns being easier to use lethaly than a bat) but on the other side of the coin, the ease of use of guns allows 'normal' people (i.e. the chubby, pacifist middle classes) to protect themselves more effectively. Put a scrote with a bat up against my dad with a bat (for arguments sake) and the scrote will win as he is more aggressive and physically able. If they both had guns, then my dad would stand a better chance, especially as if he had a gun he would probably get at least a little bit of practice with it.

    Of course, if this sort of disaster happened in the UK, you would get plenty of violence/looting, but those of us fortunate enough to have a metal box of guns would be much better off as hardly any of the scrotes would have them. :D It might even be quite good fun....I could Mad Max up the truck and go looter hunting. :twisted: Clearly, the authorities in the UK would find it easier to re-impose order as they wouldn't be up against armed opposition, but I suspect that the difficulties in the US are being over blown anyway.
  11. This would be why they have removed the right to own firearms from the the law abiding "naturally conservative"much abused majority while leaving the chav criminals to arm themselves as they like.
  12. I'm sorry sweetheart but I agree with the concept of 'each for themselves' and 'servival of the fitest' but shooting at the people who are trying to save is not the brightest thing the world. Darwin was right after all...