Does my belly look big in this?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fishfingers, May 9, 2006.

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  1. I recently attended a conference on obesity. Apparently, men don’t openly see fat as a problem and will often joke about the size of their beer belly. It was also mentioned that many men suffer in silence not knowing where to turn for advice. In my time, loads of guys used to be sent by the Doc to the master chef for advice.

    As part of my own research I’d be interested to hear if this is the case in “our community”. Are you overweight, underweight, obese? Does it bother you?

    I’m overweight but not obese, yet. :oops:

    There are a couple of links below that give good advice, some of it in squaddie language.

    Many thanks guys.

    Ps. Where did that rumour originate that the average life expectancy of the ex soldier was 50ish?

    Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI)

    National Obesity Forum

    Men’s Health Forum
  2. I'm classed as clinically obese, but I'm just heavy for my height....

    Seriously tho, I've been told BMI isnt a reliable way of checking someones risk. A fit person who weighs the same and is as tall as a lardarrse would have the same BMI....

    I've got a bit of a belly, but my legs and arms are muscle...

    Still didnt stop a mad as a hatter Colonel from the medics telling me my back injury was because I was a fat knacker.....And silly me thought it was cos i'd fallen down a dirty great big hole in the dark!!
  3. What a lot of tonk! I am 6'4" 18 stone and I am not obese as suggested by that site! Obviously they are providing stats for cambodia!
  4. My point exactly.....

    Its boll ocks....
  5. You're both right, there are arguments against using the BMI, but it's arguably a good guide for those who aren't built like the proverbial.
  6. We should throw this open to the Arrsemaidens....

    'Does your belly look big, and can you post a pic so we can judge'

    Pics should be unclothed and lit properly, just to ensure fairness in the judging...
  7. 6'4 and 17 stone, not a mens healths freak washboard stomach, but train most days plenty of CV and a half decent diet. BMI standard says I'm obese

    I tend to go on whether my strides fit or not

    bbc link below

    Is it true the stomach fatty layers are the last to be burned off and fat around the organs is the first to go?

    BMI is a simple indicator of weigh issues when used for "average" sizes and is fairly efficient to weed out most average Pvt Piles

    I'd hope that common sense would be used when assessing "rugby" type monsters for entry to the forces...... For instance BMIs and Fijians don't really mix
  8. I think i can help prove the point further i am currently 6'4" and 16 stone but i unlike the other two 6'4" posters am a fat bastard, i am ashamed to say i carnt even pass a PFT, yet i would have a better BMI score than them because i weight less, being all fat and no muscle.

    To prove the point i have a body fat percentage of 24% just, in other words i have 24ish Kgs of fat hanging around my body, i belive 18% body fat is more normal.

    I am very happy with my weight as i do a 10Km run every other day, burning on average 3500 cals/week, i do this so i can then eat a extra 3500cal of junk food per week and stay the same weight :).

    anyway there's my 2p,

  9. Once upon a time I worked with a lardy, seventeen stone copper. He was stabbed in the guts by a suspect multiple times and (not surprisingly) got casevacced to the local A&E. This was long before stab vests were issue.

    The doctor told him that the layers of fat on his belly saved his life; the 3" blade of the knife didn't get through it despite a number of slashing and stabbing attacks.

    In fact, the quote was, "I reckon all those doughnuts and kebabs saved your life, mate."

    That is my official excuse for not giving much of a toss about my beergut and I'm sticking to it.

    Remember Celebrity Big Brother? Jack Dee is smoking like Stack 'B' at Chernobyl and necking gallons of vino rouge. Anthea Turner says something predictable like "Jack, you're knocking at least six years off your life with those habits."

    "Bollocks," replies our hero, "those are the six years I'll be dribbling and miserable and won't wanna live anyway."

  10. from Kingsley Amis:

    "No pleasure is worth giving up for the sake of two more years in a geriatric home in Weston-super-Mare". Amen to that.

    According to the BMI site, at the condition i was in when I finished officer training, flat tum, ribs showing, no extra chins, that sort of thing, I was overweight!

    Its all b*llocks unless it includes body fat as well.
  11. BMI is pants, I don't use it, it's not a consistant way of determining one's health status. I kind of think Body fat is far more reliable. Many very skinny people will have a low BMI but a high body fat percentage, which essentially means that what little meat they have on them is not effective in terms of functionality. Guy's average body fat is c.15-17%, girlies are between 18-22%. How they've got these averages I don't know, cos I'd personally say men are on average between 13-15% and women are between 20-30%. I don't know many women who are below 27% besides my sister and I. All very strange. I think personally that as long as you are functional and fit for what you want to be then you're ok, unless you're a real fatty and you whinge all day about it, then I get frustrated.
  12. i am 6'4 and a bit...and 13 stone

    mabey the BMI only counts if you are a spotty teenager?
  13. the BMI thing is a pain in the arrse! for the lads with a "rugby player" build, ie fit enough to get in to the forces, fit enough to stay there and do a good job, but you always get the BMI telling you that your over weight or morbidly obese etc even though your fit, strong and certainly not a sofa surfing layabout
  14. If you think your fat or obese, don't talk about it, get outside and start training. Fecken Wasters!
  15. BMI is cr*p. I agree that you can be heavy yet fit. Not everyone is built like an Ethiopian marathon runner or Paula Radcliffe & long may it stay that way.

    Fat is not good though. Get some muscle on - you'll pull far more!