Does mr.Cameron have a mandate for the next phase of the military action in Libya?

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by KGB_resident, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Do you think that mr.Cameron also need a new UNSC resolution for the next phase?
  2. What NATO really needs is more ground attack planes, it seems.
  3. What nato needs to do is keep out of Libya.
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  4. Which will be hilarious to find as the rest of NATO seem to be "out to lunch".

    As to the UN I doubt Cameron et al will go back there. Another country may raise the issue though.
  5. Agreed.................................
  6. I am in two minds. On the one hand I think we should stay out of it and let the arabs kill each other, but on the other its good for the military as it shows Cameron what a muppet he was for all the cuts....although I doubt he see's it like that.

    At the end of the day the result will be the same. We will see Gaddafi hanging from a lamp post and some hard core Islamic group will be running the show.
  7. Meanwhile voices about Libya debate in the Parliament become stronge even within the Conservative party.

    Libya: Tory MPs urge recall of Parliament for debate on 'mission creep' - Telegraph

  8. After CMD said 'Goodbye Colonel' before he realised that the the colonel hadn't gone, it rather forced his hand. he now has to have regime change or lose all British business with Libya.
  9. NATO has enough ground attack planes, thank you.

    What certain members need to do is recognise that they cannot enter into incoherent missions under-resourced, under-funded and fundamentally flawed - and then expect other members to bail them out of the mess.
  10. Define 'need'.

    As demonstrated several times over the past decade or so - including by your own beloved Rodina - UNSCRs are pretty worthless and unnecessary pieces of paper when it comes to trashing other places.
  11. So Cameron wants the current NATO mission to move to 'regime change'. Interesting how this started as an internal civil war and we have quickly distorted the problem to an evil empire. I do not believe regime change is acceptable and the UN will not support another call for a new UNSCR.
  12. I don't think that UNSC is absolutely worthless. The resolution 1973 is actively being used by the West (in its interpretation). The West claims that it acts according 'values' and 'principles', that it respects UN charter... supposedly.

    100 or even 50 year ago there would be no problem to unleash a war in Libya or Egypt because it is 'in the interests of Great Britain'. Modern politicians need a justification.

    In this sense mr.Cameron needs a new UNSC resolution. It would be an ideal solution (but unlikely it will happen). In theory mr.Cameron, the Dwarf and the tanned Boy could send troops to Libya without any UNSC resolution but how it would happen only Allah knows.

    In fact the West seeks a new UNSC resolution.

    BBC News - Libya conflict: Nato summit fails to secure new planes

  13. Worthless and useless are exactly the words that describe UNSCRs and the UNSC body when it comes to taking action against any of the 5 1/2 permanent members. Any censure will just be vetoed, which effectively grants them a free-hand to do whatever they want.

    And UNSCR1973 is not a justication it is a pseudo-legitimisation.

    No he doesn't He may like to have a new Resolution, but he's wise enough to know he'll never get it, so why bother trying?

    So, after all your garbage above, you now agree that a new UNSCR is NOT needed for further action of any kind.

    And back to the garbage...

    Can we have the old KGB_resident back. Not only has the standard of your English gone down, but your propaganda pronunciation have also lost their shine and believability.
  14. We'll do what we want and the Russians can do nothing about it.

    What's up Sergei old chap? Feeling a tad peeved that once more Russia, huffs and it puffs and everyone ignores it, while we set about destroying Russian supplied equipment with a will?
  15. Does anybody north of the Mediterranean care?

    If the North Africans want help bombing each other even further back into the bronze-age should we feel obliged to intervene? Perhaps not, but it might make the telly more interesting.
    Besides, it does help show the current government as the ***** they really are in the wake of the SDSR

    I see HMS Cumberland has finally arrived home for scrapping.