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Does Ling Wah deserve to be shot on sight out of principle..

I don't know whether to love him or hate him (certainly would trust him to sell me a car as far as I could shoot my load over his sister's back), but he can be anoyingly amuzing. Therefore the question is:

Does Ling Wah deserve to be shot on sight out of principle?
She is a woman!


me n bee said:
She is a woman!
Have you seen her, she’s fcuking gopping.

5 foot nothing, with slitty eyes, a sideways cunt, and pubic hair like wire wool.
I wouldnt touch her with yours.
You're far too picky Goku. I'd throw one up her tiananmen square any day.

Well her poor grasp, or at least her pretend fake grasp, of the English language and being able to make jokes about herself makes me laugh.

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