Does it work?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bilbo, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. ARMY, Navy and RAF in the same environment does it work?
  2. If the enviroment you're talking about is a submarine ... then probally no.
  3. Temperate, Jungle, Arctic or desert?
  4. Depends on who's in charge. If its the Navy or thre Army, yes. If its the RAF no.
  5. No.
    Ask yourself this question.
    Who is the dick, who is the pussy, who is the arrsehole?
  6. I'd like to take exception with this post; and yet I find myself nodding sagely.
  7. Chairforce, huh?
  8. I think whether Skate, Pongo or Crab the lower end of the echelons would get on fine. However, some of the top brass are a different kettle of fish.
  9. Alot of the skates and crabs Ive came across are definately tarred with the same brush.
  10. No doubt every branch of service has them.
  11. Only so long as you do everything the way the lead sevice wants it done, and the way the other 2 want it the same time.
  12. It was bad enough throwing 5 former corps together to form the RLC & expecting them to gell!
  13. LJS couldn't agree more.

    Seems that everything works as long as you don't let the RAF think they are in charge. :wink:

  14. I worked in Tri Service HQ, the matlows and Booties were fine however, I knocked out one the SAC's when i was a full screw, the gobby cnut thought he was a Sgt.. Until he got the beats from me! HE was a complete bellend of the highest order.......