Does hopping around like a kanga make you a better marksman?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Mr Happy, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    So, enjoying a peruse through the darkside of the web I stumbled across this little offering

    Its not gruesome though it is unfortunate as it leaves one guy KIA and a woman WIA (both off screen).

    My question is this: At what stage does hopping around like a kangaroo that the shooter in this video does seem smart, is this

    (a) a method of keping on your toes to avoid incoming
    (b) a way of looking over other folk
    (c) imposing yourself on other folk by making yo look bigger
    (d) anti recognition exercises for countering law enforcement video taping
    (e) what you learn from 1st player shoot em up compouter games
    (f) something that they do 'in da hood' and compulsory for all
  2. Sorry Mr. Happy, but your link doesn't work. It's a 113kb download which suggests that it's not complete (I only got the title screen).
  3. Tartan, tick the box agreeing to conditions then click enter the site. On the 'latest page' scroll down to the vid of a shoot out in an LA casino. Some stuff on the site is a bit gruesome.
  4. Feck i got it, i was put onto the beheading screen.
  5. I would get that beheader, put him in a shed, nail his cock to the table, then set fire to the shed, then see if he runs (ripping his
    cock off in the process) or will he burn to death.