Does heavy armour have a future?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Bladesman, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. A genuine question. Does current doctrine support the use of heavy armour and what, if anything does the future hold?
  2. As long as any other side has them, then yes.
  3. Not if the light tank ( scorpion) gets a refit
  4. What would that refit involve and how would it enable the light tank to replace the heav metal?
  5. A higher performance engine
    Also night sight (that is now used in scimitar )
    Or even bring Striker back ?????
    Or put a higher cal weapon system on a warrior
  6. Stealth over force that's what makes uk army the best in the world
    (USA use force)
  7. The Stryker Brigades (Regt) are not replacing M1 they are complementing it and giving mutli-role capability. The idea that we can do something similar with the CVR (T) range is fantasy.
  8. Not at all............mbt has not been used in afghan ( I know no mbt threat) but were they ever really used in Iraq or bosnia.
    Light fast and packing a punch is better, a light tank with a uranium tipped round or a drill round would be more effective with stealth rather than heavy large target
    Seen but not heard
  9. Using an electric engine
  10. That stuff you smoke, is it easy to get hold of?
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  11. FFs sorry with a cross diesel engine what can charge the electric engine
  12. The world of a large target in the 21st century is over small target that packs a punch is the way forward
  13. But opinions are like *********..................everyone has one
  14. I do remember a solider mag where the Russian troops were using them in Bosnia !!!!
  15. MBT has been used by Danish, Canadian and USMC, the fact that UK has not does not hold up your opinion.