Does having a degree help promotion in the infantry?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Phantom1, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Does having a degree first (Criminal Justice BA) before enlisting as a soldier help in any way at all to getting promoted quicker? To say Lance Corporal/Corporal? What about Sergeant? Or do candidates for promotion get treated the same regardless of their level of education? Thanks in advance. (This is for the Infantry)
  2. You have just spent 3 years getting a Degree it would be a shame to waste it. Either go for Officer training, RMP or get a civi job in the law sector (Earn a sh1t load of cash) and join a TA Inf Unit to do all the Soldier stuff. Best of both worlds!
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not another shite windup.

    This is even less believable than Mr I've got 60 convictions innit blud.

    None-the-less, in the interests of balanced opinion and on the off chance that you aren't the same knobber from yesterday, your degree will be invaluable when you find yourself based in a FOB in Afghanistan for 6 months.
  4. I would go Officer but this is assuming I fail officer selection. I would either go and join as a soldier or find some civilian work (which I really don't want to do)
  5. ------

    Huh? :Z
  6. Why would you fail at officer selection?
    Your options:
    Officer Selection
    Joining as a Soldier
    Getting a Job and joining the TA either as a soldier or officer.
    Stop being a mong.
  7. I see what you're saying Ravers but the question is on about how it affects climbing up the ranks - not how it helps/doesn't help while out on tour.
  8. Without starting a wah, wind up etc, and addressing this from another angle, i was queried over this:

    For personnel who have obtained a degree but are possibly either too old for RMAS or just seeking a change in career/area of the Army whilst serving what has arrsers views on that?

    Whats the best advice & guidance apart from visiting the unit RCMO?

    Incoming & awaiting sarcasm.
  9. Get in there as a Tom......makes feck all difference having a degree to the blokes, a couple of years in have a pop at officer selection if you feel that way inclined. Infact its worth doing it with a 'law based' degree so that when you get charged (and you will) you can throw some legalese at the OC/CO just to watch the CSM/RSM pop a blood vessel......go on you know you want to.
  10. I had the same quals as my first troop boss...............meant feck all as I was a shit soldier with a three mile admin vortex hanging out my arrse. Had I been a capable grav, it probably still wouldn't have helped.

    Unless you are a seriously good egg, the rest of the blokes will probably think you are a c0ck if you keep mentioning how fecking smart you are.

    Had a physics grad in one of the company troops, he was a cool cat and could bench more than anyone else, this combo gave him some respect

    Unless you have some dark urges to go UKSF have worked out your pathway and a steely will to follow it through I'd keep fecking stum

  11. The answer is No, however you will get to enjoy the constant naus of showing your clerk your degree certificate every time JPA forgets that you are heducimated enough. Enjoy the numeracy and literacy tests at ITC(C).

    You will have to undergo the same career courses for promotion as non-grad soldiers. I think that your biggest source of drama could come from your peers and JNCOs if you mouth off about your quals.

    I am glad to see that you have enough humility to accept that your qualifications do not mean that you should be an officer.
  12. Don't break the NAMET machinE!!!!!!
  13. Don't listen to these ne'er do wells; when you get to your battalion make sure you tell the Toms, your section commander, and especially your platoon sergeant of your degree. These NCO's are always on the lookout for outstanding soldiers to push forward for early promotion. I'd expect you to be section machine-gun carrier in no time, possibly even being honoured as tripod bearer; in fact you'll possibly find your education makes you favourite to carry the platoon radio set too!

    Don't be put off by Toms taking the piss, they're thickos who are only worthy of carrying a rifle. Keep at it, keep telling anyone in authority how much your degree is helping in your advancement up the heirarchy, and before you know it you'll be chief baseplate porter in mortar platoon.
  14. The RN take degree holders for their articifer programmes - instant Petty Officer when you qualify (Staff/Colour Sergeant). Do the RE have similar?