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Does EFP have a shelf life ?

Hi all, just wondering if there is time limit associated to EFP1 like there was to the maths and english tests you did prior to the course ?

Reason I ask is that I have joined the TA after an absence and have found that some of my EQs have changed and I may have to do a gap courses to re-qualify (I joined the same capbadge as I was in the regs so the crossover of trades is ok) but the subject of leadership courses came up. Now I don't mind doing them again as they are only weekend jobbers cutting about the field but I am buggered if I want to do education again.

This is where someone pipes up with "The TA doesn't do EFP"
you need to be pretty quick to get past one if it's on the go that's for sure!
As for 'The TA doesn't do EFP'. I'm sure the EFP tries to do anyone it can catch. It's an 'equal opportunities' employer!!

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