Does CDT test for high levels of testosterone?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Southampton_sig, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. I have been looking into using products to help weight training and come accros,

    This product is legal but it raises levels of testoterone in the body which it says can fail some drugs tests as its performance enhancing. What i want to find out is if u can fail a cdt for high levels of testosterone in your body.

    any help or links to find this info would be nice, thanx.
  2. I had a mate who had tore his shoulder muscles and he was on steriod treatments for a year to re-build the muscles in his shoulder.

    He was allowed to dip out of CDT due to this as the Med Cen had given him a chit to excuse him due to level of steriods/testosterone that would be in his system.

    I do believe that there is a possibility that high levels may require you to parade at the Guardroom in coveralls less head dress......
  3. A letter by a PMQO detailing all legally prescribed medicines is enough to ensure that if you have balls of steel...they will not melt you down.

    If a DR has written a prescription fot it you are inviolate; (almost)
  4. Thats what I thought

    no-one is exempt from CDT.

    when you turn up and the man/woman gives you your pot - when they fill in the forms you are asked'what prescription and non-prescription medications do you take'

    defetes the object of the game if we had a 'get out of CDT card'
  5. Alternatively eat a balanced diet and train hard. You don't need that sh1t.
  6. I've known at least 40 to 50 blokes who have taken steroids whilst serving and non of them ever got pinged on a CDT. They don't test for roids though individuals can be tested for it if the CO's believes the soldier is on gear. Never heard of it happening though and TBH a blind eye is usually taken to it.
  7. Don't they usually tell you what they test for prior to the CDT? In the little breify bit.
  8. Not that i know of.
  9. well if any 1 else is curious about this, i have been told by sum 1 in the same position that if i take this product to the MO he/she will look at it and give you "permission" or not, as in the cdt it askes have u taken anything or refure to the MO or summin like that. this garentees you to be safe, rather then take a risk.
  10. If you are thinking of buying the so called 'legal steroids' or 'testosterone boosters' what you can get on the internet then you're wasting your time and money. They're sh1te.
  11. The last CDT at my unit, was a laugh. One of the guys was in hospital for heart surgery, and had all the Class A painkillers know to man or beast. Signed the form refer to MO. Ten days later he was stood in front of the CO. He said "You have morphine traces, care to explain?" I was in hospital for heart surgery FFS! "Oh........Carry on!". :D

    The brief was interesting, "If you dropped a glass of whiskey in Belfast Harbour you could through CDT find out where it was dropped". I hope it does, but then again there were WMD in Iraq. :twisted:

    CDT is a good thing, drugs and soldiering do NOT mix

    Edited for being drunk and 97% civi Faugh-A-Ballagh!!!!!!
  12. Wouldn't bother with it. The results from these "legal steroid replacements" will be unnoticable, and you'd be much better off spending your money on some decent quality protein powder.

    I know a lot of people in the army who have taken steroids and like Fallschirmjager said, never known any of them be pulled up for it, even when CDT'd.

    HOWEVER, people are noticably more agressive and "on edge" when they're taking them and it is almost certainly a bad idea to experiment with anything which could impare your judgement when you're doing a high-stress job with an automatic weapon in your hands.

    There's also the chance that you *could* get caught. And is it really worth risking your entire career over?

    My advice - Beast the gym, stay natural. If you have to take anything, research it and take the "real" stuff once you've left the army.
  13. ok thanks mate
  14. Hi mate

    Yeah don't bother buying that rubbish its a total waste of money.

    And the CDT i doubt will test for steroids because when your testing that many samples each one for each individual drug it will cost an absolute fortune. So I doubt they bother.
  15. I knew a couple of lads taking norateen they both noticed that their cardio fitness took a steep dive, also 1 of them started to have dramas with his heart. Funnily enough neither of them take it any more.