Does Cameron still hug Hoodies?


Mark The Convict

Extraordinary, the most arrant twaddle I've read for quite some time. I suspect that Churchill would have made very short work of Cameron and his patronising drivel.

All said with a perfectly straight face, no doubt. At least that bit is almost admirable.


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ah but one of the side effects of the 'big society' is people taking control of their own neighbourhoods. the new headline will no doubt read - Mug a Hoodie.. :)

the society kick back will no doubt hit housing authorities who have to take the families the council kick out - petrols expensive so I might only pour half a gallon through the letterbox - cutbacks get everywhere :)

interesting headlines on the immigrants being more brit that the brits
The Iron Lady didn't U turn, Cameron did. The Iron Lady had balls, Cameron doesn't.
What you on about? Those buildings burned, those shops got looted, and those people got murdered... because the culprits hadn't got hugged.



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I agree the little darlings are misunderstood and attention seeking, just like the little fcukers at the local primary who pull the keys off the laptops and spill their drink into them on purpose

in my day we had an abacus!
When a dog goes bad on you, you put the bugger down, check on Dave and get it right mad dogs need putting down or culled.
No you misheard him. What he said was "Hit a hoody!" He's actually wanted you to open palm strike them in the face all this time whilst shouting loud verbal commands of "Drop the laptop."