Does Cameron have a plan?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Or even a clue?

    We're having a bit of a head scratch over coffee and can't seem to discern any 'Grand Strategy' other than run around bravely in ever decreasing circles.
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  2. Simple answer. Nope.

    Hardly what you'd call a visionary leader.
  3. UK politics is too full of rhetoric and "principles", the so called champagne socialists vs the posh tories (like thez aren't both posh) are arguing too loudly and there is no room for pragmatic realpolitik.

    The Education system has to be overhauled, so does the infrastructure, not to mention energy and water.
    The UK also needs a healthier more mature attitude towards europe (it's not going to go away and the commonwealth won't return, guys), and maybe the UK could also look towards a less centralised more federal government on a whole.

    None of that will change or improve though, no matter who we vote for. They are both overall the same and will continue running us both further into the ground, while enjoying a decent amount of wealth themselves..
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  4. His plan is to get stinking rich!
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  5. Dave knows what needs to be done but he either can't do it because Nick wont let him or he wont do it because he doesn't want Labour to start shouting "nasty party" before the next election.

    What he needs to do is get spending under control. We can't keep spending more than our income. The idea that roaring growth is somehow going to ride in and save us from our debts is ridiculous.

    Dave needs to take an axe to welfare the same way as Maggie took an axe to the nationalised industries. Unfortunately, he seems to lack the testicular fortitude of the Iron Lady.
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  6. Not to mention his revolting Tory backbenchers (the act, not the condition... hang on, let's say the act AND the condition)

    Austerity has worked wonders in the EU zone hasn't it.
  7. I thought that WAS the plan.

    Typical modern politico, comes through the system with only the party's interests on the table and no vision to present to the population.
    And what's worse is that the other team are just clones of the same. Time we really discovered democracy and altruistic politicians. Yes I know that's mere idealism. First we have to shoot all the bankers and financiers and big business types who support politicians like this. I'd even forgo my SLR and use whatever if they let me in on the hunt.
  8. can anyone name a country that has a visionary or for that matter capable leader? Mrs Merkel maybe?
    The west seems to have been taken over by grey men and women with the foresight of a goldfish.
  10. Merkel? Vision? You mean, 'Vell it verks for us East Chermans, so it should verk for eferybody, und you must follow zer East Cherman vay' Merkel.
    I suggest the only politicians with visions today are to be found in Africa after smoking what the shaman gave them.
  11. Why? She inherited Germany's strong economy, she didn't make it. That was the doing of 10 years of keeping wages down and adopting the Euro to become competetive. Oh, and effectively ******* eastern europe ***********.
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  12. You could argue that Cameron did have a plan beyond austerity, viz:

    1. To kill PR as an issue for a generation
    2. To destroy the Lib-Dems as a third element by bringing them into coalition and demonstrating that they are lightweights who are either too afraid to be Tories or too afraid to be Labour and who have daft ideas
    3. To keep Scotland in the Union and remove the SNP 'threat' for some years
    4. To create a voting system without an inbuilt Labour advantage (which is not the same as the accusation that he's attempting to gerrymander the system to build in Tory advantage which is trotted out by Ed and his team because they fear the implications).

    The problem is that while

    A. He has achieved (1) above
    B. He has moved substantially towards (2)
    C. Is allowing Salmond to move towards (3)
    D. Was close to doing ($).

    The problem is that the Tory backbenches have a whole host of MPs who are either

    (1) Thick gobshites who think they are the reincarnation of Enoch Powell (protectors of Conservatism and denied a place in the cabinet because of their unpalatable views) - let's call them the Dorres faction


    (2) Intelligent but swivel-eyed people who have no flexibility of thought and appear to have no sense of empahty with anyone (the Carswell faction)


    (3) Lazy populists (the Davies faction) who've not yet realised that when you offer a manifesto Thatcherite in tooth and claw you manage to ensure that the floating voters you need to attract are put off, while the people who'll vote for you anyway, even if they're disappointed with your overall efforts - because they want to keep Labour out - will er... still vote for you anyway


    (4) Self-publicists (the Mensch faction, soon to become the Stewart faction [I mean Bob, but Rory might fit the bill)

    (5) Non-entities who have achieved their sole aim in life, namely getting the post-nominals MP, and who have the square root of rock all to contribute.

    That leaves a very small pool of people who get the point, who'll tolerate the unpalatable things you do in the name of coalition and who will attempt to help you to enact the plan, in turn leaving you looking as though you don't have a plan because you're spending all your time attempting to get the 5 categories of useless b'stard listed above to understand that there's a little more to it than being rated as a good egg by the Mail or the Torygraph (not least because if you are, the majority of the populace will consider you an onanist of the first order and hate you, but you just don't get it...).

    The same sort of thing applies to Labour, but if Ed Milliband is the answer then we are as a nation spectaculalry bent over and rogered without finesse. I was a contemporary of Milliband's at University and I wouldn't trust him to run a bath, the vacuous nasal chump.
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  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The original theory was that UK PLC would engineer a devaluation of the pound, thus making imports more expensive and exports cheaper. Imports would dry up, thus improving our balance of payments while exports would boom, thus restoring growth to the economy. Cameron and Clegg would then ride off hand in hand into the sunset...


    -- Call Me Dave has found the Jean Luc Picard approach of waving a hand and saying "make it so" doesn't work in the real world. Instead, you have to be a good and very determined manager to make the required changes happen. Sound bites just don't cut it.

    -- The eurozone went tits up, thus screwing up the plan to devalue the pound and kick start exports.

    This situation will start to sort itself out when Call Me Dave gets on his hind legs and says:

    1) This country is mired in debt.
    2) We can't go on living beyond our means.
    3) The government will cut back its level of spending to what the country can afford.
    4) Individuals in debt will have to cut back on luxuries until they've got their debts down to controllable levels.
    5) The government will put in place strict criteria to stop banks and building societies lending companies and individuals more than they can afford to pay back.

    Unfortunately, as was remarked earlier in the thread, Call Me Dave is sadly lacking in the testicular department.

  14. OK, tinfoil hat on…

    Maybe Cameron does have a cunning plan.

    1: He knows he's only in for one term.

    2: He's going to break up or hive of as much as he can of the remaining State like Police, Prisons, Health, Welfare and Defence as he can to private entities like G4S, ATOS and a myriad of other charlatans.

    3: When he gets the bums rush on the 7th May 2015, him and his chums can pick up lots of Executive and non executive Directorships with these hived off bits of the former State.

    QED: This is a rich boys 'smash & grab raid' on the UK economy.
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  15. I was going to contribute my 10 pence worth, but Archimedes has nailed it much better than I could. What he said!