Does bullying your missus make you a bigger man?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. In a Tesco carpark today I saw a fully grown man throw his teddy out of the pram and stomp to and fro screaming at his wife (or girlfriend) using totally foul language, especially for a public area.

    The poor woman was stood there being screamed at, not only looking embarrassed at the flouncing performance of her partner but also just a bit scared. He told her to "get in the car the fcuking slag" etc etc... Eventually she walked over to the car and got in; he preceeded to almost back into another car and then screech out of the carpark.

    By bullying her does he feel like he's a real man? Does it make him all sexy and scary? I was considering going over to have a word, noone should be treated that way - especially someone's partner. However, I decided that not only was he bigger than me and much angrier than me that I'd also probably make it worse for the woman involved - escalate the situation.

    Should I have gone over and said something? Is bullying your wife just a rites of passage in your life before you move onto being a real man?

    Luckily I didn't see any kids there, but if they had/have kids imagine the impression that will have on children
  2. Nope Crabby, it makes him a first class dikhead of a coward. Shame she didn't ram a trolley into his nads then drive over his head. Cnut he is :twisted:
  3. Best thing is to stay out of it. Agree that the bloke should of curbed his temper in public, but you as the bystander dont really know what has set him off. If on the other hand he started to knock her about then its time to get amongst it and bray the cnut.

    But to answer your question - no bullying your mrs doesnt make you a bigger man, it makes you a fcuking knob.
  4. The guy has obviously got a small penis. If he sits and looks at himself he will realise he is a tube.

    I wouldn't get involved. One he may set on you as a perfectly acceptable vent for physical frustration. Two, she may gang up on you with him (seen it happen). So unless he does start getting physical with her, stay out.

    Obviously if he does start slapping her, then every one should be on him like a rash giving him the kicking of his moronic life.
  5. Just think if he behaves in that manner towards her in a public car park, what must it be like for her in the confines of their four walls. :(

    Keep an eye on the local papers Crabby, don't be surprised if you read about her finishing him off in a terrible manner one day. No doubt it will be reported to make her look like a total nutter and not a sad person that has been bullied beyond belief.

  6. You mean like this poor lass...

  7. Choccie Frog

    Who's that?

  8. Crabby,

    If it were me, I wouldn't intervene if it was just verbal however if he attempted to physically hurt her, then he could stand by...
  9. stay out of other peoples affairs. or learn the very hard way.

    id say pads are the fcuking worst for it. cant even talk to anyone elses wife without getting your head caved in these days.
  10. I find it very difficult to avoid getting involved; but I do refrain unless there is the threat of pyshical violence. What I will not tolerate is gits parking in disabled spaces. I find that if you "explain things" to them they shift, but not always. I always note their index mark in case they get nasty.
  11. Choccie_Frog,

    With regards to Tracie Andrews, I think you've got mixed up with which one was the abusive one in their relationship since it was her! Hardly the correct comparison.

  12. definitely the wrong comparison there, she was a real charmer!! :roll:
  13. Ask John Wayne Bobbit if it made him more of a man.
  14. I was thinking of a joke when I saw the title then I read the post. I don't have words for a**es like this scum. The effect on children? From my experience having seen it firsthand it's not good.