Does Britain still lead the world in anything?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legs, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Below is the answer from BBC Focus Magazine. There must be more than this surely. Any more to add to the list?

    While Britons have pioneered all sorts of things from the steam engine and the computer to passenger jets and rugby football, we have dismally failed to maintain world dominance in much at all that we can be proud of.
    One problem is the size of Britain. Our population is too small to compete with the likes of the US in rankings based on sheer numbers of, say, Nobel Prizes. On the other hand, we’re too big a country to beat tiny nations like Luxembourg on per capita rankings of, say, numbers of patented inventions granted per year.
    What’s left isn’t very impressive: we’re the world’s biggest arms producer and the largest importer of wine, the biggest consumer of fast food (yes, really) and the most monitored people on the planet, with around four million CCTV cameras. Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it?
  2. Benefits claims? Political correctness?

  3. Can we have some please?
  4. Teen pregnancy?
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  6. Ahem, I think we've missed the obvious one. Man for man (sorry, person for person) we have the best armed forces in the world.
  7. Computer game design, a lot of the worlds best game ideas and titles come from these shores.
  8. Political correctness, health and safety , ******** politicians
  9. We make some world-leading scientists, from bio through to technology. But the best ones go to the US at the earliest opportunity, or pretty much any other country where they're paid better and get to use newer equipment, cost of living is lower and research funding is plentiful and forward looking. I've lost many friends to the 'brain drain'. Naturally I'm still here. :oops:
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  13. We're ahead of anyone else when it comes to pushing the boundaries of car design. Thrust SST and the worlds fastest steam-powered car spring to mind. We're also pretty good at producing ******* for television: Simon cowell and piers morgan, etc.
  14. no 1 tracksuit designs for chav's,and fat social cases.
  15. Banter , sense of homour , beer