Does Britain need more grammar schools?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Yes, of course.

    Hint: anti-Semitic.

    Alistair Osborne, Business Editor wrote:
    Hint: separate.

    John Clare, Education Editor wrote:
    Hint for the Education Editor: independent.
  2. Sergey, are you really Russian? Your spelling seems to suggest not. On the other hand I suppose you could have had a grammar school education.
  3. Your lordship, of course I'm Russian and I attend to the great ARRSE to improve my English and get fun.
  4. If you've had great Arrse fun you must have gone to public school.

    Edited to add ...

    ... Hint : Public School is one of those phrases that means exactly the opposite of what it says - just like Peoples Democratic Republic.
  5. :-D sharp...very very sharp!! :-D
  6. Coming last in the grammar school wanking on a biscuit race never did me any harm, in fact, I think my complexion has benefited.
  7. They could start with more schools teaching grammar.
  8. My grammar's long dead, God rest her soul. She made the best Yorkshire puddings there were - no school could teach her anything about those.