Does Britain have a moral duty to spread democracy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Absolutely support and ready to fight

  2. Mainly agree

  3. Rather agree

  4. Rather disagree

  5. Wrong idea

  6. Not an idea but idiotism


    Btw, learned mr.Milliband apparently thinks that there is no democracy in Russia. Does it mean an imminent 'military action'?
  2. Im all for slotting a few hundred extremists nuts but if people want to live in a middle aged society let them, we are not modern day nazis - although we could certainly do the job 1000x better than old Adolf, about iraq and afghan, set up an election two options only [1], you let the coalition(more so us britian - because we have experience of running peoples countrys for them, we was running 3/4 of the world afterall a while back) run your country and prosper or [2] we will gladly leave and you have your old middle aged society back and run it your way with your leaders but the second any of you start spreading evil westerner crap and hijacking planes and all that malarky we will kill you all.

    Me for PM? Oh yes!


    Stop it, Sergey, my ribs are hurting! :rofl:
  4. He should stop worrying about the rest of the world and sort his own country out first.
  5. Spreading democracy by force is akin to the Soviet Union emposing communism on all and sundry is it not KGB bloke?

    "It's our way and you'll all bloody well like it".

    Some countries and humans just dont want it and no matter how hard you try and change it, will never be democratic. Sticking our western values on those that dont want it isn't exactly the encompassing values of democracy is it?

    Some humans are quite happy to be autocratically led. Feck em.
  6. Democracy has given us New Labour. It has done away with the death penalty and even effective border controls. Some countries would not function effectively if they didn't have firm (non-democratic) leadership. And how good is our democracy really? People treat elections as a game when 'their' team won and vote' the way my father did' or the way their family has always done without thinking that times have moved on or listening to policies. Personally, I'll vote for anyone who will scrap the TV licence as politicians are all equally worthless and speak of democracy as though it is the Holy Grail of government systems.
  7. "Democracy is for ancient Greeks."
    - Herr Starr(Preacher). :twisted:
  8. Is this the same Milliband who signed the EU constitution alongside Brown despite it being against the clear wishes of the majority of UK citizens?

    The same Milliband who is refusing us a referendum of this shameful and undemocratic legislation?

    The same Milliband who instead of showing gratitude to this nation for saving his family from one european tyranny is actually betraying us to another one?

    A Labour politican preaching democracy is like a crack whore lecturing us about celibacy.

    If you love the EU so much Milliband why don't you F*ck off back there and leave our democracy alone?

    F*cking hypocrite!
  9. Once again joined up government seems not to be happening. Taking out the moral obligation (which is in his speech being given tonight) surely he should be pressing to ensure that the forces are big enough and properly equipped to carry out these many possibilities! And of course the political classes should be willing to let their sons and daughters sign up for this very moral cause!
  10. Upon reading a few of the above posts I think that it is decided that the UK should not spread democracy by force. So let's all go and have a drink.
  11. Starting with National Strikes until we get this bunch of autocratic idiots out and replace them with a democratic government, who both gives the people what they promise and listen to all the concerns.

    Britain is fast becoming a joke in the international arena, when we are seen as the lap dog of the USA and ready to lie to all out this bloody constitution for Europe!
  12. Charlie, I agree (for what that's worth). If we were French we'd be all out in the streets putting the Govt on the right track, but we're not so lay back and think of England. (as it uesd to be).
  13. Absolutely not. Cannot spread democracy at the point of a gun.

    The Middle East is all about oil and protecting Israel, BTW, naught to do with spreading democracy, ffs.
  14. This spindly nerds think he is an inspirational Obama Bible fecker? Please God get some some determinedly unreconstructable Bedu to take him roughly from behind.
  15. A particularly stupid idea which could only come from a politcian who has no idea of history and thinks war is clever.