Does Britain have a Conservative Party?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. No,Britain does not have a Conservative option to vote for

  2. Yes,the Conservative Party are a viable option to vote for

  1. Seeing a report on the BBC(hardly unbiased,but all that is available here) that if elected,David Cameron will not cut NHS spending and is planning to maintain foreign aid at it's current level,or even raise it begs the question"do we really have a Conservative party any more"?.

  2. They're not exactly the only two policies of a Tory government, presumably in your opinion a real Conservative goverment would bayonet the sick in their beds and close our borders?
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Cameron is no Thatcher. He's not even a Major, who at least had some concept of conservatism. He's a political lightweight with the same lack of principals and willingness to say and do anything that will get him elected as Blair has. Had the positions been reversed and there been a tory govt in power when he went into politics I suspect he would be a Labour MP now, waiting for the electorate to vote him in by voting out the incumbents. Tragically I will still vote for him, if just to get the current lot of corrupt inefficient boobies out, knowing full well that we'll get another lot of corrupt inefficient boobies.
  4. Absolutly not.

    The borders,now you mention it do need to be controlled better than they are now.

    There is ample scope for NHS cuts when they are paying a fortune for temps and artwork to decorate hospitals.

    We do seem to be heading for a weak Conservative government,assuming CMD does get elected.
  5. Your poll options are not mutually exclusive - no, the Cameroonies are no real "Conservative" party but, yes, they are a viable option to vote for (as is, depending on where you live, almost any party on the grounds of "anybody but nu-Labour"!)
  6. Yes but they aren't very reactionary, very scintillating or indeed very easy to empathise with...
  7. Whether you like it or not, the "Green Tories" are a similar fop as "New Labour". They are the party in name only. They have no ideological spine and will tell you whatever you want to get elected.

    However, where as New Labour was run by student politicians and trade unionists who made a mess by trying to do everything for everyone, that is nothing compared to the Green Tories. Who will come in and very calmly, cleverly and clearly sell absolutely everything and everybody down the river.*

    Believe me, should they win outright, I will be taking that overseas job.

    *Exculding, naturally, the super-rich.
  8. What the hell do you want Cameron to walk into an election saying? SLASH THE NHS? Thankfully he's not prepared to give Labour another term so easily.

    Hate straying morons like this "ooh i won't vote Tory any more 'cos Cameron's balls are too tiny...". It's called STRATEGY. Now go away. Troll.
  9. Britain has a Conservative Party with a fairly large following. Britain also however has a large group of voters who can't accept that the Conservative Party they used to vote for is in 2010 to broader politics what the Black and White Minstral Show is to Saturday evening TV. The problem is that they can't grasp the fact that it was only after they lost control of the party that it became electable, and instead chose to live in a fantasy world where the unpopularity of their world view is not their fault, but everyone else - see the threads on arrse about communist conspiracies / the liberal media / 'immigrants' / the 'client state' / political correctness / hippie teachers etc. for further details.
  10. See You! Don't forget to turn out the lights when you go!

    In all seriousness, if any of there were any 'student' politicians in any of the New Labour administrations none of them read economics did they? If they had they would have known that Keynesianism means saving money when times are good, not spending it.
    By the way, which 'super-rich' should be exculded (sic)? Tony Blair? Bernie Ecclestone? Lord Levy? Lakshmi Mittal? Alan Sugar? David Sainsbury? Paul Drayson?
    All pretty straight kinda guys eh?
  11. As soon as labour conservatives and lib-dems got together saying "vote for anybody as long as it's not the BNP", I realised that the three major parties exist to stay in power and grab as much as they can,they are interchangable take a look at the number who change sides.

    All politicians are greedy lying scum.
  12. To win the election the Tories need to achieve a 11% swing across the UK. That would be the biggest shift in voting since universal suffrage was introduced. If winning with a workable majority means reassuring the majority of the British public who rely on the NHS that it will be protected then so be it.

    You might want them to promise to cut benefits, cut spending on the NHS etc. but that won't win them an election. It'll leave them marginalised and in the wilderness. Again. And let Labour in. Again.

    And that would be ******* insanity.

  13. Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining. Bye Bye.
  14. Yes, we have two. The trick is getting either of them to say what they intend to do and then do what they said they intended.

    What we don't have is a viable alternative to the policies that have failed whichever brand of tory tried to implement them.
  15. There's an assumption amongst the voting public that things like reliable electricity, the availability of petrol, the economy and defence from invaders are somehow god-given. When most people vote, they vote on fickle issues which affect them directly.

    That's why defence gets sidelined. That's why the celebrity-endorsed 'green' agenda gets so much funding. It's why 'benefits' and 'the arts' are election issues.

    The trouble is, if anyone were to say the things we'd like to hear, it's unlikely they'd be elected.