Does Beckham really deserve a Knighthood?

I've recently heard from rumour control that Swiss Tony is handing over a Knighthood to David Beckham in his departure honours list, Now prehaps I'm behind the times but what exactly has this man achieved apart from won a few club trophys, been a half decent midfielder and courted the media like flys round an arrse. Done much for charity?... Well prehaps but anybody of his lesure, salary and standing, with time on their hands (on the bench) could match what he's done. My opinion, its an insult to the entire honours system but we've seen it all before....
Answer to question? NO.

He plays football quite well, I understand. He also enjoys doing it, and gets paid disgusting amounts of money for it. So what?

A Knight of The Realm? F*****g joke ... degrades most of the Knights since time immoral/immortal [whatevvvvver].
Does Beckham really deserve a Knighthood? .... No... a thousand times ... NO

Does Tullbahadur Pun deserve not only a Knighthood, but also the care he needs?................Yes, of course, in fact a zillion times more than that over rated footballer...
snapper, same sentiments here: how about for Bliar's fook-orff honours that he does something honourable for once in his miserable life and personally intervenes to invite Pun VC to live in the UK till the end of his days!
Beckham, and all the other chavballers are amply rewarded- with mounains of cash.
Knighthoods should be reserved for people who don't cause young men to think it is right to behave like a queer yob.
But I understand Bliar needs the cash so...
If it was an Army career he was doing instead of a football career and he did similar bad things like kicking people in the World Cup, he'd not even be getting a LS&GC, never mind a friggin Knighthood
Can any ARRSEr place this quote;

"A hero is someone who risks their lives for other people."
seems quite apt.
gennithmedic said:
Can any ARRSEr place this quote;
"A hero is someone who risks their lives for other people."
seems quite apt.
I know I want to agree with you, but it's aaarrrd ... :wink:

Not 100% convinced by your definition, otherwise Magdi Jacoob wouldn't be a Knight either.

Shall we agree that Beckham should not be a candidate for a K ? :D
He shouln't be given a place on the England team (or should it be called the Beckham team plus 10 minor helpers) never mind a knighthood!
He kicks a bag of wind around for a living!
Since when does that justify a knighthood??

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