Does Argentina have enough military force to re-invade the Balkans?

Don't recall that one. When did Argentina last invade the Balkans?
No - on both accounts. Unless of course some dodgy video evidence surfaced of Al Qaeda training camps on Goose Green... then the septics would bomb the crap out of the place...

On a more important note however, who IS that lovely looking wench in your avatar - with the perky tittenfleshen...???!


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Well, clearly they're not going to be able to hit Serbia or mMcedonia, at least not with ground troops. They just don't have the air lift capability and I can't see Bosnia or Albania giving them overflight rights in any case. So presumably you mean Bosnia or Croatia, at least initially? What's the objective - capture and hold, or just to embarrass and withdraw?
It would take their minds off the Falklands, at least.


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You'd think those pesky Argies would learn not to go invading their neighbours.

Two World Wars and one World Cup and all that.
Argentina and the Balkans in the same sentence!!??......I see you have been downing meths and Brasso cocktails!


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Tobers, me old mate, you are a cunt!

I now fancy ginger birds.
Fuck. Please see edited post.
It still says Balkans.....thank fuck this isn't another of those stupid and recurring Falkland threads!
Have a lie down, tobers. Come back after a wee rest and try again. ;-)

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