Does anyone use [url][/url] ??

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Considering how many squaddies are out there it doesn't seem to be very busy. Is everyone on tour??
only use it to check my paystatement as my units admin is extremely second rate, currently on attachment but my unicom record can't be transfered electronically because they are using a newer version of unicom that can't talk to the old version. :evil:
polar said:
had a look once or twice (when arrse was down), the forum's a non starter.

The Iraq sections ok
The forum was the only way I found out about ARRSE. But I only use it to check the pocket money I get each month :wink: :wink:
easesprings said:
The forum was the only way I found out about ARRSE.
They need to make the forum less formal, it doesn't work as they know who you are.
Maybe it could work as a 'resticted' extension of this site for the odd chat... a place where disco could go really techie in his posts..... but can't see that working
Maybe it's so 'popular' because it's static. Nothing seems to change there at all. If only it would let me access my pay statement :?

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