Does anyone think the TA suffer from a lack of discipline?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. And also a lack of understanding about the CoC and rank?

    It seems because the organisation is only part time people have trouble "switching" between Army life and civi life?

    We spend hours teaching about SOLID C to recruits but it seems the army is too scared to spend too much time on the D as they probably think it will cause too many issues with people getting carried away "policing" it?
  2. I think you're on a wind up, personally.
  3. From my experience the TA are a bunch of useless fukwits. But that's purely my opinion, and it's from working with a small number of TA in the past.

    I hope that the rest of the TA doesn't follow suit.
  4. You would find that a lot of the TA feel the same about Regs. In no way starting a TA/Regs debate, but its generally the ones with attitude and inability (on both sides) who are remembered.....
  5. There are plenty of regular army who fit your 'fcukwits' description too. By the same comparison, some TA blokes I've worked with are so keen I was shocked to find out they weren't regs.
  6. Granted.

    Not that keen obviously ;)
  7. I don't know who the 'we' is in your comment, but think how many hours are available to train TA soldiers on topics that they perhaps don't need quite so much as the Regulars. Back in the day we had lots of ways of maintaining discipline that just didn't occur to our Regular brethren. OK so we all know not to call our Corporals 'Dave' or the RSM 'mate', but making sure that a job gets done is often more important than worrying about how it gets done.

    If you think that the TA approach to discipline is getting in the way of effective operations in the field, then that's another matter. Do you?
  9. Its a bit more difficult to explain to young TA soldiers that people they work with are senior to them as its an abstract concept from what they experience in the civvy work / university. Its easy for them to learn if they see it in action. If you let a Pte big time it in front of higher ranks then other Ptes might not realise why that kind of conduct isn't appropriate in the work environment.
  10. I don't insist on being called Sgt x by my juniors as they all know that I am in charge and respect that. The only time I tend to use rank when talking to my troops is when I am wanting to make a point.

    That doesn't mean we suffer from a lack of discipline, it just means that we all know the rules and don't need the formal structure all the time to remind us of them. Obviously if I am talking to someone who I don't work with day in / day out (in TA terms obviously) then I play the part.
  11. I'm wondering if the training could be changed to reflect this as most of our issues are based around this problem....
  12. The TA that i've worked with have always been spot on, professional, overly rigid and there always a dodgy builder/mechanic/financial advisor to help you out. Good on you! This thread is a blatant wind up!
  13. Bring back pokey drill and pressups for minor screw ups
  14. Sounds perfect :) I'm the same and not on some power trip, but I find that I'm having to "remind" people alot at the moment....

    Another concern is that they will fall into relaxed mode when with people they don't know are around....
  15. I wouldn't say lack of discipline, some people seem a bit over familiar but thats the nature of the beast that is the TA.

    "Aint that right John.... sorry.. Sir!" :D

    Myself I stick to ranks until your in the bar then first names unless they wear a big badge!

    Strangley Colonel Foreskin Crumb insisted I call him "The Grand Koobar" when on the pop but thats another story.