Does anyone think the royal wedding is a target

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KennySte, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. So anyone running odds on the royal wedding getting bumped? Things like this normally bring the nutjobs out. £5 on AQ making an appearance.
  2. £5 on you being a mong, if anyone will take the bet.
  3. Yeah cheers for that, now toddle off to the kitchen and stick ya head in the blender.

    Sent from Oz using the yellow brick road.
  4. Nope they'll be keeping their powder dry for the Olympics.
  5. Anti-capitalists and unwashed students will be out in force, I should imagine. Hopefully get a damned good sticking off the boys in blue.
  6. Princess M and "The peasants princess" Diana have both snuffed it, oh sorry not those nutjobs.
  7. Depends if it's raining, they might just be on Xbox live.

  8. Hopefully, they'll get chased by the HCMR if they get anywhere near Her Maj, Plod can have what's left after ^^
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  9. Yes of course they will. Off a police force that isn't allowed to even shout at people nowadays.
  10. It will most certainly be a huge target.

    For pickpockets,whores,con artists,dodgy t-shirt/t-towel sellers,whores,hoteliers,cabbies,whores,Royal reporters,Royal Lookylikeys and whores.
  11. 'Does anyone think the royal wedding is a target.' - It's already a target. A target for every 'Royal Watcher', Brownose, 'Fashion Expert' and 'Kate Middleton needs to...' advisor that has crawled out of the woodwork and got their stupid faces on the Tele - and it won't stop until long after the wedding, so get used to it, there's lots of mileage to be got out of it yet.
  12. Someone has a whore fetish!
  13. Flies around a honey pot.

  14. I believe it weas only decreed as illegal on that day under those circumstances. Not illegal as a tool in general.

    If there is disorder at the wedding it will be interesting to see how the public react.