Does Anyone Think Im Out Of Order Doing This ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spanny, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys . I very recently contributed to a discussion on another website - whivch will remain anon - about noisy neighbours . Apparently most of the other forum members thought I was wrong doing this . Do you think they're over sensitive ? To be honest I thought not only was I right but it was also funny as f*ck

    " have been bothered by noisy neighbours a few times But have also dished it out . In my defence it was retalation

    What happened was the woman above me effectively turned her flat in to a creche and during weekends school holidays I'd be getting kids jumping on my ceiling . It'd go on all day and I felt very angry about the lack of consideration by her . So I thought f*ck it . Having a computer in my bedroom - which is of course situated directly below hers - I started playing CDs at rather inopportune hours , say 7am or 1 am I'd occasionally get banging on my ceiling due to it . Not that bothered me

    One time during a very noisy day I waited till the bitch and her brood had gone to bed , connected to the internet and found a couple of really good porn sites . Turned the volume up full blast and pissed myself laughing as screams of " AWWWWW AWWWW BABY .GET THAT BIG JUICY C*CK UP MY ASS . F*CK ME YOU F*CKING SON OF A B!TCH etc etc " Honestly I could hear the b!tch and the kids running about upstairs wondering what was going on

    The next day there was a knock on the door and it was you know who saying that was terrible and if I did it again there'd be trouble . Seeing as I was moving house later that week I called her bluff and told her to grass me up to the council if she was bothered . Strangely enough I saw her coming out of the local housing department of the coucil so she probably did grass me up but since I was moving it was no big deal anyway

    I did remember thinking though that she only had herself to blame since in her mind I was supposed to endure her sh*t but I was supposed to put myself out for her . If you're living in a one bedroom flat you don't expect to have kids running about above you all day "

    Opinions chaps ?
  2. first of all did you say anything to her before the tit for tat exchange? if not man the fcuk up
    and if you did fair play!!

    either way funny as!
  3. Did you discuss the noise problem and how it was bothering you with her before starting your (as you said) "retalation"? I learned to talk to people first if I thought they were being inconsiderate. That was sometime around the age of 5, I think.

    Alternatively, considering the forum, you were entirely correct, and when she came round to complain about the porn noise, you should have dragged her into your flat and shagged her up the arrse. She was obviously gagging for it.
  4. Well whilst I understand your being annoyed at the amount of noise coming from the neighbour, it appears that at no point did you attempt to approach her and sort it out amicably face-to-face. That way if she rodded you off you could have just smacked her one or thrown her off the balcony! ;)
  5. Dont know about this but:

    Is a bit of a limp wristed way to start the story, your one step away from saying "Evening Gang" and the such.

    You should of left the chip pan on and gone to the pub.
  6. Was she licensed to run a creche and is she allowed to use the premises as a business seeing as its rented?
  7. He is from Pilton :twisted:
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    ^ Wot 'e sed.
  9. I thought this would be interesting
  10. me too :(
  11. Sorry chaps

    In response to the other comments when you've got half a dozen kids jumping off chairs and sofas in a one bed room flat from 9am to 11pm it's kind of like living next to Dachua - " I didn't know that'd you'd find it annoying Spanny " which is kind of like saying " I didn't hear anything , I didn't see anything , I didn't know what was going on " as heard in Germany circa 1945

    Mind you if you think it's amusing you'll need to see me relating the tale in the pub when I'm drunk . It comes complete with porn miming and sound effects :wink:
  12. I was expecting you to have filled someone in for still wearing a poppy.
  13. Do you mean Dachau? You're seriously saying that noisy kids are akin to starving jews and burning dissidents? 8O

    I think this is the first time I've ever seen someone invoking "Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies" in his own thread! :lol:
  14. Did she record your antics? If she did, then a spell on a certain register might be coming your way, especially as children were in the vicinity.

  15. You're a knob