Does anyone remember this song FFS!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Cuddles, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Right, long story short. I have a fragment of a song stuck in my head from c.1972.

    The song is about a guy who pulls a girl and takes her to his flat. It is an amusing song and at certain points there is a kind of cross talk between the girl (who has a ditzy NY accent) and the chap.

    Fragments of lyrics come into my head, unbidden. These include the sung lines "Nilsonn will sing and you won't feel a thing", "Won't you please take me home..." and "So stay with me...something least wait until the late show". Also some of the cross talk, where he says a bottle of wine and she asks what wine is it and he says after a long pause.."that's red wine". He also says "Let's turn on the hot fire..."

    I have half an idea that the female in the song is Carole Bayer Seger, another one of the Emperor's voices tells me the song is a Randi Edelman or possibly Randi Newman one!

    People have started to mutter things like "section", "straitjacket" and pentothal when I walk past. help!
  2. Its by Rupert Holmes and its called ‘Our National Pastime’ from the album Widescreen, 1974.


    I met her at a baseball game
    that got held up by August rain
    beneath the mezzanine
    I huddled up against her hand

    By then the rain had left the ground
    and Seaver threw a few on the mound
    We stood to face the flag
    that flew above the Navy band

    Then the anthem begin to bless
    the stadium it right through the old thin air
    and I knew this was the time
    to make my pitch

    Won't you come home with me
    have a room you should see
    with a warm waterbed
    and a pillow for your head

    I've a robe you could wear
    and a smoke we could share
    You are blonde, I am tall
    and I think that says it all

    A quick glass of wine
    then I'll feed you a line
    Nilsson will sing
    and you won't feel a thing

    Oh say you will stay with me
    Love, must I say I love you

    Well, how ya like my pad?
    oh it's great
    I mean, I love purple

    I, I bet you're an Aquarius aren't you
    No, actually I'm a Leo
    I knew you were one of those

    You know, Leos are very big on women's lib
    I don't uh believe in women's lib
    yes, I didn't think you did
    I'm just tryin to hi-five ya

    Aw, that's pretty
    Oh, what kind of wine is this
    uh that, that's uh that's red wine
    red, that's my favorite kind

    Are you having a terrific time?
    oh yeah, I'm having a very terrific time

    Oh stay for a lifetime
    at least wait until the late show

    So you didn't tell me your name
    My name is Karen
    That was my mother's name
  3. Thats funny... two threads on this one?
    I got it at 2.51 on the other one!! (I'm never first at anything) Oh yeah... there is something. Wot's wrong with 10 seconds?