Does anyone remember Rory McWilliams?

Hello. First post.

I don't know if this is the fella I am thinking of.
I did a search on google and this came up.
I also ran the check against and nothing came up.
So, sorry if this has been posted before, but I did check.

I'm not a grief whore so hold your horses.
And it is none of my f***ing business. Of course.
But I seem to remember a chap.
A medic. In the parachute regiment.Who I think (and I may be wrong)
had done a stint in Afghani-Land, or was about to.

Anyway, this chap was set upon, by a bunch of scrotes, and was

I have just done a search and 'Rory McWilliams's' name has come up.
I do not know if it is him that I remember in the news article.
But, it sort of fits the bill for some aspects.

I hope that there are not too many cases of this in our fine sceptred
and septic isle.

So, Ok, didn't mean to grief whore for someone I don't know, on the first

But, would quite like to know if anyone has any information on this, or
could put me right as to the medic that got attacked, if this is not him.

Anyway, I thought this post could be 'kill two birds' - introduce meself,
and get some info on something that has been 'intriguing' me for a little

Okay, I'm gonna sign out now.
Just want to say:
Rory McWilliams, R.I.P.

20 Years old and a father of one.

Army medic dies on the day he was due to start tour after being beaten up on final night out | Mail Online

Military funeral for tragic paratrooper - Crime - Northampton Chronicle & Echo

With great respect to you, and your family.
Yeah, I was just looking for this article on the news this morning and then realised it wasn't current affairs....................

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