does anyone remember cpl rushton in '83

What's the point of this thread? Are you trying to reunite with people who were there? Is it another dig at our Corps first sex change soldier? Old news if it is.
Soz. Just seems a weird post/topic
You're kidding, I remember him in '83 he was our platoon LCpl used to enjo the nipple twist, mass pain, etc.
He had a sex change...haha, didn't he marry a NAAFi girl
thank god NO!!!!!
I remember L. Cpl Joe Rushton from 1982. He was one of the NCOs running my platoons basics.
He and another **** corporal were in charge of my section, and if it wasn't for the Sarge in control, Sgt Muir, I reckon we all would have gone AWOL in the first couple of weeks. They were both the most upstanding stuck up big I am's I have ever met and probably sewed the seeds for my leaving the army some 12 months later. Say what you will about me, I turned out alright on civvie street, but he, a lance jack, and the other twat, a full jack, made our lives a misery.
How the hell he ever made CSM is beyond me! Would have been better posted as a regimental goat!
Best forgotten.


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Thanks for resurrecting this nearly two year old thread. Good to know that spite does not diminish over the years.
Well he was a **** after all.. I was led to believe that he/she/it was living in the enxt estate to me a few years back in Milton Keynes from a local newspaper article. I Still have it if you're interested?
Didi you ever fall foul of this obnoxious twat Chris?

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