Does anyone recognise this person? Sheffield/Rotherham area?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by pandaplodder, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Shall I look through 460 plus pages or are you going to narrow it down for me?
  2. The last few pages...
  3. So ,another Walt cnut
  4. Probably best to put it to bed for now mate, things are probably in motion hence the cutting of the thread.. :)
  5. Seen the links.. hope this isnt as bad as it looks
  6. Not sure he is one of the ACF AIs, though I haven't been with the people at Somme for a while, so he may be one of the new intake; sincerely hope he isn't though!
  7. Royal Marine Commando? Fcuk off you fat lying tw@t! More like stunt double for Jimmy Five Bellies!
  8. Get it right son !! He came on leaps and bounds after leaving Lympstone, the lad is an expert ML, SBS instructor and is a 'face' at Hereford and on the freefall circuit !! Id back off if I were you !! :D :D
  9. Yes, I'm sure he is in his own little world. Meanwhile back on the ranch....
  10. If he's wearing RM insignia he's likely not in the ACF but the Marine Cadets, part of the Sea Cadet Corps.
  11. IIRC, marine cadet AI's wear "Royal Marines" on a flash, and a small badge underneath, centralised, saying "sc" to denote "Sea Cadets", there is no "commando", and they wear the recruit beret, the Globe and Buster on a red background on a dark blue beret, in some phot's this fat c*nt is wearing RM flashes, TRF dagger and wings, Ive even seen ex booties at Fremington wearing their green lids but wearing the SCC/marine cadet flashes whilst employed as instructors.