Does anyone really care??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by whitewash, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. Hot on the heels of the trumpeted annoucement of a 2* TA officer to "look after our interests" (congratualtions Sir, nice work if you can get it), there is an onimous truth hidden in the noise.......

    for those TA units whose TA chain of command includes Theatre Troops - you'll get 29 MTDs per man next year (and the one after that, and after that and, and ???) and that per man you actually hold so no spare for the Trg Major to doll out when he needs it - and all your FFR landrovers are about to be taken off you to help the Regular Army convert to BOWMAN. So - were part of one Army and a vitally important one at that - now its clear why - we are the QM's stores of the Armed forces, men, kit, money all here to be dipped into when you realize you are short.

    How will you spend your 29 days Your Grace ???

    :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
  2. white was we've had 27 days for years so there's nothing the spacialists only get 19.
    As to the FFR's all the regular armies FFR's have been going through the Bowmanisation program and have had the same problem of being left without them. Has your unit got Wolf? (Most TA units I've been with have 110's) still as i would say if it has thats why they're going now. we'll probably haave to wait a little longer. ANd if it is 110's your unit is handing back you may be lucky and get them replaced later with wolf.
    At the end of the Day the kit belongs to the army not a spefic unit and how they wish to distribte it is up to them. Being reserves we are at the bottom of the heap and will have kit withdrawn to make up regular shortfalls. It just makes us that bit more flexible than our regular counterparts.
  3. No one cares ohh and we told if not done enough weekends wont get bounty hard to attend weekends when stagging on in basra i feel whinging letter tp soldier /press coming on
  4. I wonder does being deployed muck up your Efficiency Cert and consequently your gong? "Its your own fault, you should have picked a trade/corpd/regt nobody wants...."
  5. Whinging letter OK, but do get your facts right - time on mobilisation qualifies you for bounty
  6. Our troops been back a while , camp and days are automatically qual . but still got to do I.T. D.s, but thats not hard is it, quick jog a stroll in the woods and through some rounds down a range , WOW :lol:
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah...but having been mobilised for 8 months of last year, including some time in Iraq (not as much as many, long enough to qualify for Op Telic medal war-dodgers no clasp version) I was a little surprised to hear that -in order to qualify for this year's bounty I needed to do a further 4 days.....

    ( rats - outed as a STAB - oh the shame of it!)

    Hope all well in sunny Basrah, Az Zubayr and Umm Qasr you guys - hang in there and don't smoke yourselves to death at $15 for 200!
  8. WEll I'm only going by what my headshed says and various soldiers who have done this tour and afganistian last year are being told in writing that they need to do another 2days to qualfy for bounty !
    already started my preemptive whinging lot of good it will do me anyway :cry:
  9. It all crap, there is no consistance across the TA. I'm just coming the end of 1 year and 8 days of mobalistion. Have been told I wont qualify for bounty as have not done enough days. I have offered the opperunity to extend my training year to get the extra 14 days. On top of that they have cut the MTD back to 28 for the year. This for a unit who has mobilised 70% of its strengh over the last 2years. We have only got crows left, how can we train troops on 28 day to deploy on the Telic 5 , and 7 ?

  10. Being a little out of touch with how the TA is working nowadays, could someone please tell me if a "reservist" gets called out is he not on full pay?

    If so, and then recieves "bounty" also , as woody obviously thinks they should would that not put them higher paid than a reg soldier?
    And if thats the case, is it right ?

    Would be interested to know, if anyone can answer this.
  11. A TA soldier will get paid they're civilian pay rate or military pay rate whichever is higher, according to rank. Plus bounty!
  12. polar bear? do you know captain cheeky?

    he likes snow, and hammers, and adventures, and having adventures that involve hammering snow.

    hurrah for captain cheeky and his snow hammering adventures!
  13. the other problem is efficiency cert also goes towards VRSM etc.
    btw do most units not accept ITD's carried out at chilwell?

  14. So I am right in assuming then that a TA soldier can earn more in a year than a regular soldier ?

  15. Tigger,

    The rules about pay for the TA are more convoluted than a Gordon Brown budget and are changing just as frequently as Tony Blairs principles.

    Last year when I was mobilised the MOD would make up a Terriers pay, if he was earning more in civvi life. Sadly they rank restricted it so upto Cpl could only be made up to about 22kpa, a Captain upto 37kpa and a Major 55k. This capping did not allow for the fact that there are people in the TA as junior ranks who have very well paid civvi jobs (I know the regs think we all do it for the money, but then there are terriers who still think the regs joined to avoid going to jail).

    If you can prove that by being mobilised you were going to lose money there was a thing called RHA (hardship allowance). Prove that your army pay would not cover your debts (as your civvi pay did) then the MOD would cover the loss. Fine in principle but it covered those chaps with big debts losing money but made no allowance for those of us with no debt who were shoving dosh into investments. I'm told things have changed but I can't confirm that.

    What the above says rather long windedly is that yes some territorials may being paid more than a regular for doing the same job - but only to stop him losing the cash he would be earning if he wasn't there, and if he wasn't earning the dosh in the first place he would be on the same as the Regular.

    As to bounty- I will swap my bounty for your pension anytime. Go to an independant pension advisor and ask him how much the two are worth if you don't believe me.
    As to bounty