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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by daftlad08, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. If you have been kicked out the army for failing a CDT (drug test) is there anyway to rejoin or appeal your case?
  2. No wonder you're called "daftlad"......or are you asking for "a friend"?
  3. very helpful :?
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  5. even if you could, we don't want you. good bye
  6. so whats the rules when your girlfriends had a misscarrige so you go on a heavy session on the vodka and you make the biggest mistake ever. is there rules on that? SOPs maybee???????
  7. CoC mate, pay for your own drug test, costs a bit then send the report to appeals court maybe
  8. the rules are the same rules that you had hammered in to you from day 1.

    No ifs, no buts, no exceptions, no bleeding heart stories. They're called values and standards and we uphold them, if you couldn't stick by the rules then, tough, you had your chance.
  9. another helpful comment thanks :D
  10. when you were informed of your CDT failure you will have been appointed an advisor who would have went through the options with you.

    One of which would have been to test second sample.

    The next would be to provide an independent hair sample to prove that it was either a false positive or a one off.

    If it was a false positive or a one of advice would have been taken as to the likelihood of rehabilitation.

    But then you would know this if it was not a mahoosive WAHHHH!!
  11. i thought it was very helpful, glad you appreciated it.

    If anybody else is reading this and is tempted by drugs then hopefully they'll get the message that its zero tolerance, so everybody is a winner.

    here's a question that you should answer honestly then...

    had you taken drugs before you joined the Army? have you taken any since you left?
  12. ahh feck it civvy streets no that bad anyway :D cheers dudes!
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