Does anyone know

My transfer has come in from the Royal Sigs to the RAMC and no-one seems to know what head dress i wear :x . I think it is the normal blue beret( as the 2 corps wear that) as I am attached to a Sig Regt, then is its the RAMC cap badge with the cherry behind, some people say it is some say it is without.
Thanks in advance
As no-one seems to have "gospel" on it then just wear what you like - right up until the RSM tells you what the right answer is.

For some real fun you could try waering something outrageous - a paktoon hat in a nice shade of pale yellow ? - and then come away with some pish about "...Yes, but the Medics in Umptyshire trace our ancestry back to the Umptyshire Dragoon Militia so we wear the Badahkshan Bonnet in memory of...."

Wear whatever head dress you want carry a spare one in your pocket till someone says something

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