does anyone know ....

Discussion in 'RLC' started by pigginfree, May 8, 2010.

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  1. hi all

    I,m an ex tankie K.R.H and have a new neighbour who shall we say is doing my beans in good and proper

    his name is Alex Ogilvie

    He claims he was in the army with as he put it to a friend " a scottish regiment " lol however he has been heard bragging he was SAS (hahahahahahahahahaha).

    I personally don,t think he,s served a single second he just doesn,t have that squaddie look or mannerism about him

    He is a chef at the moment and thought this would be a good place to start asking if anyone had heard of him ( i know squaddie mentality lol if he,s a chef now then maybe he was then lol) but a start is a start
  2. Both trained killers! :D

  3. Leave it Postie, you don't want to go there mate :D
  4. Also, the toughest training in the world, as very few are up to standard.
  5. The only chef that scares me has a pony tail and a razor sharp ladle! :p
  6. Ask him - just out of interest - what is number is, remember at the least his 1st four then post them on here. (don't post the whole number). That gives us a joining up period, and gives a clue to more questions that can be asked. Outing him by the pain of a thousand questions is much more fun (and juvenile) :)
  7. I,m not allowed near the guy unfortunately lol he always call the police when i try to " have a word " with him so i,m only going on what people tell me

    he boasts to all the neighbours and has tried to intimidate a few but when i,m around yes you,ve guessed it he is as quiet as a church mouse and sneaks out of his flat

    totally puzzling to me but then again us tankies aint supposed to think just point and shoot lmao
  8. Pigginfree If you were KRH, why do you refer to yourself as an ex tankie? Tankies wear black denims and have a cap badge that depicts a tank. KRH being a fine Calvary regiment do not. Or are you a tankie walt………………….
  9. lol I was just keeping it simple lol

    i was originally 14/20th Kings Hussars then on amalgamation became KRH so many thanx for highlighting the fact that the KRH are indeed a fine cavalry regiment

    and remember if you aint cav you aint .....
  10. You are not an ex tankie you are an ex cavalryman

    Tankies dont have the history, class or style

    (waits for Soprano to wake up)
  11. In that case I suspect our paths have crossed on more than one occasion (RH then KRH). :D
  12. It's a small world! There's a guy over on the SAS forums asking a similar question about his neighbour. Apparently his miserable cnut of a neighbour claims he was an ex tankie or something. Alex is arranging a squadron get-together with some of the Embassy vets at his house and they're going to have a reet old pagga with the bluffing old tool.
  13. I,m sure we probably have redleg_1011 well up untill 2001 when i turned in my spurs so to to speak

    I take it you were in munster for the amalgamation and the friendly get together we all had in the naafi bar on that fatefull occassion lmao

    how is the regt doing these days i,ve not had alot of contact of late with the old and bold ??
  14. ..aint what? C'mon, dont leave us hanging.
  15. lol just had a proper look at this site and jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus h there is a SAS forum or rather a few of em lol thought fivealpha was running me up lol

    oh well better expect the seige any day now then lol

    dragstrip if you aint cav then you just aint
    all cav know this