Does anyone know...

OK, you chaps might know this, hence posting here:
My 1-Up reckons there's somewhere in the big green admin' machine where you can apply for a free obsolete AFV to act as a gate guardian for your location (subject to keeping it intact/repainting once a year/whatever). This could be where all the ATRs get their endless collection of Pigs, Ferrets, etc. Does anyone have experience of having acquired a gate guard by such methods? Or do Armoured types just get one of their own old wagons written off as Exercise Lost?
Does anyone know if this is true and can they help me with some contact details? If you don't want to post details on open forum, please PM me and I will supply an e-mail address.
The trials of the junior subaltern...

Bovington Museum. Best time to go is about 3am. Take what you like - they won't mind. Need your own transporter though. 8O

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