Does anyone know where the 21st Sig Reg (AS) are at present?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Shenda, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Im looking for an old friend I used to write to but cant locate him, I have his old mailing address but I believe they have been relocated? Can anyone Help? Or how to find someone in the forces if I have thier Reg number etc?
  2. Looked at this?
  3. Some poor fcuker is gonna get some mail from a stalker he managed to shake off me thinks. There is a reason he stopped writing to her !
  4. With a Chav name like shenda, no wonder he stopped!
  5. maybe she has a surprise, a family sized surprise :eek:
  6. Come on Guys.... I think I may deserve more credit than that! He was a family friend who I knew very well, and when running through my stuff a few days ago found his old letters and noticed he is in the Sig Reg... as it is im starting in the Sig Reg myself as an EW sys Op in 4 weeks time... havent spoken to my friend for 6 years, thought it would be interesting to have caught up....
  7. EW Op at 21?

    6 yeasrs have passed? They were there 6 years ago, they are still there now, although your freind is most like 2 - 3 units on.