DOes anyone know where i can get the lantern test done?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Grainsifter, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. HI, does anyone know where i can get the lantern test done? as i've tried loads of different opticians but all they seem to use are those crappy Ishihara books.
  2. I had to do a lantern test when I joined the Army because according to those crappy Ishihara books I was totally colour blind. The key thing is to be able to distiguish between small yellow, green and red lights, presumbably in an emergency (?). I was already in the selection process but I had mine done at the Army Careers office in Liverpool. Hope this helps.
  3. My son failed at Lichfield because they said he had category 5 Colour Blindness. He has now had a test at a local optician, who has said he has only partial Clour blindness, so get a second opinion
  4. Thanks for the info guys, i'm abit closer now, lol. I was talking to someone earlier who said i might have to go to a opticians then maybe be refered to hospital to get it done there as not many places do the test now, i'm just worried how this will look on my medical records as i've been trying to get in the regs now since june but they keep finding reasons to deferr me till july, lol.