Does anyone know what this ship is?


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The Nautilus - Captain Nemo will be back for it shortly
It Could be the USS Independence (or another in its class) - cant get the linky to work to Youtube, but if you search for LCS-2 and the name, you will see what i mean.
Looks like one of them stealth ships. The Indians are building them allegedly, the one below is Swedish. Haven't the foggiest beyond that, I don't do boats.


Whose flag is it flying?

Perhaps it is the new RLC/EFI Fast tea clipper?
Bill Gate's private yacht and mobile SMRRSCH headquarters.......

........probably just stocking up on lady boys.
Sorry about that; when I looked earlier your photo didn't down load


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No idea what flag it's flying but it's Chinese new year so maybe some rich visitors?
Maybe heading down to Sianoukeville to let multiple child rapist and head of the £300m Snake Island development Alexander Trofimov catch some rays after his 17 year sentence was set aside by the King at Christmas?
Here it is flying the red duster.....

......makes you feel right proud to be skint when you see billionaires flying your flag on their Aquatic Gigaknockingshops.

What happened to SMRRSCH's own flag I wonder?
It's the Zumwalt.

Top secret, the yanks are trying another USS Maddox incident.

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