Does anyone know what happened to SAS man Griffin.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. I once saw an interview on channel four with an SAS soldier call Griffin(surname).
    He was calm and to the point and predicted the state of affairs that Iraq is in now. He said that we are going to make the situation worse in the years to come(He said this a couple of years ago).

    My point is does anyone know what happened to him. Was he ever booted out for speaking his mind. He came across as a good man. True to himself and 'unflappable'.

    I personally hope he is doing well.
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  3. he was quite within his rights to complain (using his chain of command) about what he saw as violations of the geneva conventions and abuse of human rights

    however, how he went about it was wrong.
    I'd imagine the fact that he spoke to the press about this would have upset the system - and he'll now be a former member of the regiment
  4. Probably working as a private defence contractor!
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    Yeah in Iraq. :wink:
  6. Has an orange dress-like outfit, a mohican hair cut and wanders around Oxford Street with a tambourine shouting ..... Hari, Hari Krishna, Hari, Hari Hari, Hari Krishna..........etc,.....
  7. i think the fact that he published his discharge certificate and reference was a fairly good indicator that he was 'ex'.

    good luck to him - i did hear on some of the freaky septic sites that he'd taken to hanging around with the likes of Cindy Sheehan and was therefore a filthy pinko-carmmunist-homosexual, but i've no idea if this is true or not...
  8. He is part of the "stop the war" campiegn and has been hanging around with some rather strange people, yvonne ridley to name but one.
  9. oi, crazy person,




  10. Mr Griffin left the Regiment and the Army as of right!

    He is a man who looked inside himself and made his own decision to leave the Army for the reasons he stated.

    I saw him on BBC 'Newsnight' when faced with an American apologist who simplified the argument into what he called 'Good guys' and 'Bad Guys'. Griffin immediately retorted: "Good guys and bad guys? That just about sums up the mentality of your foreign policy doesnt it!"

    Good luck to the man. He is a soldier with a brain and a conscience who sacrificed his career for what he believed in.

    Good luck to the man whatever path he chooses to take in his life.

    He has my respect and admiration.
  11. I think the front page of several newspapers rather breaches ones persec...........wibble
  12. He's like that drunk at a party whom you try to avoid. What a chopper. I think Griffin was probably right to have the courage of his convictions and sign off before making a fuss. Every day my suspicion grows that history will prove him to be right.
  13. He's been there seen it and done it.
    He has exercised his legal right and openly expressed his views.
    Well done Gunga Din.