Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by messiah, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Fuck me. I do as well.

    Known as PJ my hoop. He's known as freak fingers.
  2. Why the LOL in the title......... did you really Laugh out loud?
  3. I do,he's called Peterjohn Williams.
  4. Jesus that mad fucker is legendary! He gets into other countries without a Passport - and then tries getting back into this one.... His boss the MTWO has had calls from airport security staff in Belize and France with an irate PJ trying to get into the UK using just his MOD90. Couple that with his strong Jamaican accent and you can see the problem!

    He's written off more wagons than the rest of MT platoon put together, and gets pulled over by the cops once or twice a month. He wrecked the gates into RHQ a while back by driving through them. (They were shut).

    When a certain Londons Coy was deploying to Iraq, the MTWO arranged for PJ to collect a hard sided (ie. secure) Pan-tech to transport weapons up to Chilwell. PJ decided to change it for a soft sided version because it had a CD player, and to do so told them that he was actually the MTO.

    The first time I met him he was hobbling around in pain due to using Safeways bags instead of socks. Lovely guy though.
  5. Thats the sort of "character" that is in sadly short supply in todays Army.
  6. Legend!
  7. "I'm not a refugee. I pay my taxes and I want to work - I'm an action junkie. If I die out there that's my business."

    i have known this guy for around two years now and cant remember seeing him out on any weekends :x
  8. sounds a top banana,as previously said good to see there are still characters in the mob!! :lol:
  9. The Home Office has asked for Mr Williams' wife's passport to process his application, but she disappeared while he was on duty.

    :? :? :? ???

    By the way, you won't see PJ on a weekend. Try the MT desk at West Ham during the week, ask for the Tea and Biscuits Dept, or just follow the sound of an overworked MTWO pulling his hair out over his troublesome employee(s).
  10. A fine example of a useless spanner if ever there was one !!!

    I think the only reason he still has a job is because they cant find anyone stupid enough to work for the MTWO. !!

  11. is he NRPS then
  12. Never believe everything you read in the press, or what some media-whore Parliamentary candidate trying to make a name for himself will spout off about. :wink:
  13. he sounds like a hero lol
  14. There's an awful lot of "LoL"ing :roll: about on ARRSE today. It's even creeping into title blocks. What IS going on :?