Does anyone know this fella?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheBlackPearl(aaarrgghh!), Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. yes, its the 21st century

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  2. no, its very gay like the bloke in the photo

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  1. this photo was taken of him on his leaving drinks in norwich!!!
    he is an instructor at wallop i hear!.

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  2. MDN?????
    Thn he's probably not gotten around to him yet
  3. Nice thong! lol
  4. And you lot complain about our white socks!!!

    Would it be Lord Flasheart per chance? I hear worrying things about him...

  5. Just a thong at twilight... by the light of the silvery moon?

    Was this his swan thong then?
  6. Wheres the cake!!! As there is plenty of arse!!!!
  7. Flash doesn't go for thongs; yellowing apple-catchers with an NSN and a crowfoot on them are more his style... :D
  8. Come on,own up you know who you are!! we all understand! honest! all chaps together grrr!
    could be the new must have item,an arrse thong!!
  9. No wonder he got promoted wearing gear like that...........
  10. Yeah, that was his CR interview not his leaving drinks ha ha ha :lol:
  11. Outstanding

    Although by the state of him I would suggest he is not an enlsted man!!

    Must be on an OJAR interview.

  12. Well, if he isnt a rupert yet, and he's gone to teach sigs at wallop, he'll be a rupert soon enough.......
  13. I'm pleased to say I wouldn't even recognise my best mate from that angle!