Does anyone know this chap?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WasMe, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I found this on a war poetry website.

    I have emailed the only military historian I know, and he doesn't know of a GW1 RAMC DCM holder, or a RAMC Captured soldier. I think he was an OTT, reading the intro.

    If the poor chap is suffering from being a POW, can we help?????????

    Anyone wanna comment?

    Poem by Combat Medic Robert Johns

    Robert Johns introduces his poem
    I retired from the army in 2000, after 24yrs service,as an anaesthetic technician in the RAMC.

    I served in the Falklands,& the 1991 Gulf War with various field hospitals. I was also a POW during the 1991 Gulf War & was dreadfully abused by my captors.

    Since retiring from the army, I have been employed as an assistant coroner near where I live.

    To this day I still suffer from the physical,& mental injuries acquired during these two conflicts.

    Robert Johns, DCM.LLB. SRN. MIOT.

    Combat Medic

    I am a combat medic,
    I serve to help the wounded,
    Whatever your colour,race,or creed,
    I carry neither bomb or bullet.

    With an aid kit on my back,
    An armband on my sleeve,
    I race across the battlefield,
    Bringing help unto the needy.

    Through shot, shell, and rifle fire,
    I care for every wounded soul,
    I tend and toil from dawn to dusk,
    And then I toil some more.

    After the battle has been fought,
    The soldiers have all gone home,
    Spare a thought for the combat medic
    Who is long time dead and gone.

    Robert Johns
    Copyright R. Johns 2003.
  2. poetry or fiction whats the difference, the poems as shiote as his story.
  3. Sure that this appeared before look at his post nominals DCM check to see if it was gazzeted, the MIOT would suggest that I would have worked with him as it was a gizit post noms from the old BAODA/city and guilds days don't remember him, but I did spend a lot of time hammered though.
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  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    There were no Op Granby RAMC captured or modern RAMC DCM holders. The post noms are probably some pony H&S qualification. He talks with forked tongue.
  5. Wasn't it claimed as Debt Councilling Management or Diploma in Combat Medicine (£45.95+Vat) tish and pish anyhow

    As for no RAMC captured there was the incident of the youngish OTT cornered by a Biggish Ward Stewardess.
  6. i know we had a few allied POW's in the gulf! thought they were of a special kind though!!

    so he served in the falklands and the first gulf!? and was awarded a DCM!!!

    been searching on the tinternet for a while cant find owt!
  7. I think his story is utter c0ck, but it comes as no surprise that an "anaesthetic technician" finds time to write poetry 'cos there's shag all all else to do in that role once the patient is asleep.
  8. More fackin Vidal Sassoon than Siegfried Sassoon methinks!
  9. those hands of nomies just don't play themselves you know, and the tea/coffee needs to be made, nurses letched at it wasn't all like being in x-ray or the lab you know
  10. Or even Michael Owen than Wilfrid Owen.
  11. They are not H&S Post Noms
  12. One of them is actually a law degree.
  13. Oh come on Tommo, lah, Michael is poetry in motion when he moves.

    If he's not injured that is.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    100% solid gold one.
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