Does anyone know the real criteria for promotions??

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Sprite, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Wonder if anyone can help?? I have heard rumour that there is an official list of criteria you have to meet in order to be promoted as an adult, however no one seems to be able to tell me what the criteria are or how I can find out!! I want to know really as I been given a number of different versions of what is required!! I am now being told that I am being held back purely because of my age and that you have to be 25 to be promoted to C/Sgt. Does anyone know the truth here as I have also heard it is an advisory age bracket!!

    Hope that made some form of sense!!
  2. When I was an AI, it seemed that the criteria was:

    SI: AITC
    SSI: AI's Course, Frimley
    SMI: KGVI Course, Frimley

    Above that and you are getting into deepthroat country at your age.

    Why do you give a toss about ACF rank means 2/3's of 3/5's of fuck all!
  3. Rank is not imporatant, you should have learned by now that the best rank to hold in the ACF is CI or PI, simply because you dont get mixed up in the politics :D
    What Praetorian said is as far as Im aware the only official criteria for promotion.
    However during my time in the ACF it was very unusual to find a CSI under 25 even 30.
    I think it boils down to what the heirachy see as practical.
    It would not be practical to see a 23 year old wandering round as a CSMI
    having a go or telling a 30/40 year old SI what to do.
  4. Unless of course you are a sad lonely useless chopper who has watched all your friends recieve well deserved promotions whilst you have have been passed over ?

    edit due to typing abilities of a untrained monkey
  5. I believe it is not age that holds you back but time served in exisiting rank (having said that I think age may play a part).
    From what I can remember reading somewhere, and I forget where, the rules were something like,
    Promotion to:
    SI - Completion of ITC with recommendation for AI's course
    SSI - Minimum 2 years as SI and completion of AI's course plus experience with a command appointment (Det OC/2ic or IC training group)
    SMI - Minimum 3 years as SSI and completion of KGIV.
    RSMI - Minimum 3 years as SMI.

    I will try and find the promotion details I read and post an accurate desription then but I hope the above gives you a rough idea.
  6. From the book the only criteria for promotion that i can find are:

    to rank of SMI or above must have completed KG6

    to rank of Lt or above must have completed KG6

    effectively to be promoted to SSI/AUO/2LT it is down to individual performance there is no age restriction as such if you have somthing to offer, your commandant can still promote you ie if you cannot get time off during the week to complete your ai course but have managed to gain a few qualifications ie crcq mod 1+2+3 or a few at quals which are in short supply or the like and have the right attitude they could promote you at discretion, in my battalion i have seen an excellent SMI at the age of 26, as well as adults who gain promotions after retirement age who are still getting extensions every few years, age should not be a factor in this youth organisation if you can do the job well.

    Besides that point i find there are generally only 3 types of people who join the cadets as adults
    1 For the Money
    2 For the Rank
    3 For the Benifit of the Kids

    Please dont be one of the first 2 and go seeking promotion, if you deserve it, it will progress naturally
  7. Thanks for input, the rank doesn't bother me all that much, I am an instructor for the kids, but I put a million hours into the ACF as I'm sure many of you do too, and having been an SI for four years people who have joined since me are being promoted above me, I have done AITC, AI and KGVI, I also have range qualifications (I have been told they help towards it in my county) and I have been a detachment commander, cadre commander and am currently Coy FATA, The only reason I am being given for being held back is that I am too young!! This frustrates me no end as I would rather I was told I was underqualified or not good enough as I would be able to improve that!! All it seems I can do is was another 3 years!! Although from your comments it appears this is at the discretion of Counties anyway.
  8. I was appointed SMI at the age of 22, so age is irrelevant. Just be good. I think that would make me the youngest appointed SMI in the country?
  9. Its only good if you're fit. Theres something orgasmic about calling a fit woman Ma'am.

    At 22? How much cock did you take for that? :p :numberone:
  10. And before you say "but i'm a bloke" the previous question stands. Being an SMI at 22 isn't really acceptable, what if some bloke came out of the regs, qualified for his SI, and then had you ordering him about....?
  11. indeed and it happens , so I say play the game mate its the cadets:)
  12. acceptable?????????? its the cadets
  13. Age shouldn't matter! As long as you do a good job at what you do and do it too a good standard why wshould it matter? But there should be certain resritions on what age you get prompted to but that still shouldnt be too harsh. I got told i could have gone back to frimly to do ADS, but i was too young! That rather pissed me off. Like i said at the begining, if you are good enough too do the job there shouldn't be anythin stoppin ya!Its stupid if people dont like bein taugh or told what to do by younger people, tough shit thats life and thats how it goes! Take it or leave it

    Titty fit over :)
  14. How old, I was 20 I think, maybe 21 I will have to check when I did KGVI? they didn't have a problem about me doing ADS?
  15. Just out of interest my nephew has just been promoted to Warrant Officer in the ATC, he is only 17 but admittedly he is more qualified than a qualified qualification qualifier. Do the ATC have a different structure to the ACF?