Does anyone know the PSS(R) requirements for each corps/job?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TartanTrooper, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. i was just wondering if they were all the same or if they were all completely different and if anyone had a rough idea of what the requirements are for the PSS(R) e.g static lift, back extension ect?
  2. Yes TRHJ does, just put 100% in and the PSO will tell you if youve done enough. :x
  3. There is a search function on here and a bucket load of stickies at the top of the forum for joining.

    You are best off aiming to easily pass the hardest tests then you will have no problems - good luck!

    What are you thinking of joining?
  4. Anyone of average build would be fine i would of thought?
  5. For the royal signals, electronic warfare op they are..... SL 35, CA 60, LM 15 and RUN L 3. These are off the sheet I was given titled for recruiter......

    Not entirely sure what the abbreviations mean tho, I also know the RMP ones are similar. These are the only ones I have info on!
  6. THE_IRON had the right of it really. The requirements dont matter to you. train hard prior to ADSC and then give 100% aqt all times during the 2 days there. that should see you through. your grade at end will tell you whether you meet the requirements.

    CC_TA is also right lol :)
  7. cheers for your replys guys :) bit of a stupid question this one but here it goes anyway:

    Are the requirements for the RAC higher than the requirements for the Int Corps or the RMP?
  8. and by RAC i mean Royal Armoured Corps not Royal automotive Club, keep the hilarious jokes about men in orange vans to yourself please :)
  9. Makes perfect sense :?
  10. im of average build and i failed for the RAC on the back extension thingy :O
  11. Well if youve already done the back extension speak to your recruiter who will tell you what jobs are available from your results when he checks TRHJ as you were first instructed to do. :?
  12. Does anyone know what these abbreviations mean?
  13. Ill try again...