Does anyone know the difference between JR’s front line unit and JR’s phase 3 training?

For clarity:

Jr's i.e. junior ranks or jnrs I.e. nickname for apprentices at Harrogate?

What sort of thing do you want to know, work routine, discipline? Things will vary a lot so more detail helps with good answers, and an idea of your knowledge gives us something to reference.


Also what Corps etc
1 tag is enough!

So a junior rank, class 3 REME regular, attached to ARC, doing the trade upgrade (workbook bit iirc)? How does it differ from class 3 trade training?

I am probably not the best responder for this question, being a part timer, and only being class 3 before I commissioned and a different corps at that. Hopefully however someone helpful can pop along to assist. @Badgertastic I am looking at you.


Sorry can't help you, I was just getting you to clarify your situation so maybe someone more able than me can help.
I didn't realise there was a "phase 3"

Perhaps he's referring to trade training say if your INF and you want to become a combat medic?
phase 3 is generally used in reference to class 1 courses. Class 3 for phase 2 (sometimes split into 2a,2b etc). Phase 1 is basic. If you're in a working unit then you're classed as 'trained soldier' and thus you get whatever accommodation is available in unit and the pay, etc thereof.

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