Does Anyone Know the Deal with Reserve ODP recruitment?

Hi there,
I'm looking for some corroborating information about going into my local reserve medical unit (208 Field Hospital). I'm about to qualify with a BSc in Operating Department Practice, and have a NHS job lined up doing anaesthetics at my home trust.

I'm looking to join the reserves in the same capacity (doing anaesthetics plus scrub hopefully), I'm about to do ADSC in Lichfield at the end of November, and have been told that my application is being done provisionally as a CMT because I won't have my HCPC PIN for a few months, I'm told that this is a normal turn of events for someone in my situation. All things being equal I want to line it up as close as possible to qualifying so there's not an awkward transitional phase.

During a conversation, it was mentioned that my degree is my phase 2 training essentially, so when I finish my Phase 1 alpha and bravo, and have my PIN then I'll jump to Corporal, something to do with the fact that my training didn't cost the army any money, so I get that back in an extra ranks worth of pay (whereas most DipHE ODPs within the regulars start at LCpl). Does anybody know if that's right? Or is it Lance Corporal I would start at upon qualifying? I have loads of questions, and I don't want to hammer the people at the Field Hospital all the time, And nobody at my NHS trust is in the reserves or even knows much about it.

Has anybody here gone through anything similar?
How long before you can start asking to be put on clinical courses?
What kinds of courses do the army offer that are suitable for ODPs?
Any tips that will prevent me from looking like a lemon?
Who can I ask at my trust about their armed forces employment policy? (I know it's something to do with SaBRE and the Armed Forces Covenant, but I can't find much more info than that).
Any general advice?
You have a degree, surely they'll make you a Sarge.
Just ask to speak to The Badge and he'll sort it out for you.
Normally LCpl on entry, I’ve not seen one come in directly as Cpl. Can’t remember whether the LCpl is Acting rank or not, I seem to think it is but could be wrong on that. Get settled in your unit before you decide to do every clinical course going. Ask the RRMT, that’s what they are there for!

Speak to your NHS HR dept re leave for AR activities, there should be a a written policy or paragraph within a policy that refers.There are a variety of approaches to it, the standard used to be one extra week paid, one unpaid but many now just give 2 unpaid wks instead. There will be a minority sports Head of Dept within 208 who will be able to give you a proper rundown of what’s available to you.
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