does anyone know the chinese for typhoon?


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It's just another one pipe wonder powered by a single Russky designed turbofan.

As such I predict, that like the Starfighter, it will kill more pilots than enemies.
The single engine/twin engine argument is as old as the hills, and each side is convinced that it is right. However I do remember a photograph years ago titled "The best use of two engines". It was a picture of two F16s.
Yes, yes, yes, all very well but where are the photos of the six female J-10 pilots they've just trained?

That's the sort of in-depth analysis people are after.

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
That looks like the result of cross breeding between an F16 and a Typhoon......
Got a kind of cartoonish image in my head of a Typhoon mounting an F16 and ******* it. Then I remember it's RAF and therefore almost asexual in nature.
The Jian 10 is the "Vigorous Dragon" in Chinese. I think I prefer that to Typhoon/Taifun. The engine might be iffy but they do a good name !
Harrier only had one engine and that was fine off carriers
That plane is the result of SAAB and BAE engineers leaving their product sitting in hangers unattended for too long




Don't worry lads, Its more than likely built from parts that are made by the Honk Kong Flyapart Co. Ltd.

Photos of China's J-10 fighters - Xinhua |

I have a feeling we will end up being stuck with tranche one after all, dont know what's its fitted with though or if it will fly off a Kiev.

and yes I know it only has one pipe

More importantly, will the “J-10” fly of a “Queen Elizabeth” or “POW” ?! o_O

I can see two opportunities . . .

Sell the Chinese the carrier we are told we cannot afford . . . :-|

Better still, keep both our carriers and (re-)establish a RN “Fleet Air Arm” equipped with “J-10” fighters . . . . :)


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