Does anyone know of a Gunsmith capable of rethreading a FAL Barrel?

Hi Guys,
I need to call on your collective knowledge, in my quest to make my Imbel closer to the much loved SLR (I know, I know but it is what I am used to and comfortable with) I want to fit the L1A1 flash eliminator and folding cocking handle to the FAL.

Question about installing an L1A1 flash hider on an Imbel barrel - AR15.Com Archive

Does anyone know of a gunsmith capable of carrying out such works, I am based in Berkshire?



If Ravers can't Anglo Arms are in Earlsfield near Clapham!

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I could do it but I'm miles away up North, to be honest, anyone with a lathe who isn't a Mong can do it.

Is there a decent machine shop/toolmaker near you?

If you get really stuck drop me a PM.
Thanks Guys, much appreciated