Does anyone know just how much....

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by somersetlady, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. :? My son is going to harrogate this sept & im following the kit list in the book he was given & there is so much! I have already brought him a huge holodall to put stuff in but it all wont fit. So Im of to buy another holdall tom but are ther army blokes going to get funny with him for taking 2 holdalls. Surley they cant expect you to fit it all in a tiny bag? :? Also where do they put it when they get there? Oh another thing... Do you wear a smart suit there on the first day? IT says not formal but smart. I read that you have to wear what you came in for a few days ntil you get your kit? Is this right? If so, cant you change into some civivies? Help. :( We are having to fly you see, so I am just taking what they have said. Any tips?

    Ps I f I have made any spelling mistakes dont stress lol...
  2. What's with the mums doing what there sons should be doing? Leave it all up to him :roll:
  3. oldbaldy

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    Your doing his packing!
    Bloody hell!
  4. lol.... :D He has brought & paid for the whole lot & has packed it all but as a mum Im standing there thinking to myself that its not going to fit in! Yes he swiftly thought that lol! Believe me he is not a mummies boy. Far from it. I just asked the question for myself. So any answers to my questions? :?
  5. oldbaldy

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    There is a world of difference between what a mother thinks will fit in a holdall & what a young man can get in.
  6. Somersetlady - Daps hasn't even passed selection yet!
  7. :D Tell me about it! He is stuffing it in so no it wont fit. We know that, I know that lol. As you have said he will swiftly learn how to do things the hard way! :D Sadistic ay lol!! I am honestly just asking these questions as I cant find the answers on here. He doesnt want to look a prat on the first day. Thanks for repliing. It does help when you dont keep getting daft comments. :lol:
  8. He's packing his holdall in JUNE to go to Harrogate in SEPTEMBER?

    FFS ... I've heard of a practice pack before but that's kicking the arrse out of it!
  9. :? Who is daps?
  10. It is a practise pack session. Anything nice to say?
  11. NOTHING wrong with being a loving mum.

    I packed for both of mine. :)

    Eldest still brings his uniform home on the weekend for me to wash :roll: The civi boys next door at uni still do it so just because my two are soldiers makes no difference.

    My youngest is half way through basic and he took a small suitcase and a holdall.
  12. Hi Tabboo... THank you so much for the nice reply & advice. I have only been on this site for a few days & have learnt there are so many people who dont want to give good advice. So your son took two bags? Did the army guys say anything? What did he wear on the first day? Many thanks. :D
  13. Packing so soon, thats what you call enthusiasm! Everybody will be in the same dingy on the first day, so no ones gonna be bothered how many bags hes got. When i start, im gonna take a large duffel and a suitcase. Dont go in a suit would be wise, itll be uncomfortable wearing it for the first couple of days.
  14. I too am wondering about this. I will be going for Basic Training soon and because I am a commonwealth recruit, I have nowhere to stow my stuff. I was thinking 3 bags. 1 Suitcase, 1 Suit Carrier and 1 Holdall.

    Is that overkill for phase 1? I have to bring my laptop too so does anybody know if there is a safe place to put my laptop during phase 1?
  15. Well it does sound like it wont be a problem if he takes to bags. I dont see how he couldnt. Im still baffled by the suit thing. It say on one book formal, then on his latest book, casual but smart. Well what would you say casual but smart would be? He doesnt want to look like a scruffy sod lol! :) Hi Commonwealth...I think you get given a locker, thats why you have to take 2 combination padlocks. Im not to sure about the laptop. Ask your local army recruit office. They will know more. Where are you starting your training & when? :D