Does anyone know if PRINCE2 is run by the army?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SO3wheelreinvention, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. I've been looking at doing my PRINCE2 (project management course) using my ELC money, but someone mentioned that you can do it through the army. Naturally I can't find it in any DCI but that doesn't mean it isn't out there somewhere. Anyone know the secret location and the special knock for the door?

    Any help would be appreciated it isn't cheap to do in the real world!
  2. Firstly, the Prince2 Foundation course is ran at RMCS Shrivenham, and gives you a good grounding in the methodology - and its free. The Army dont "own" Prince2, it is government owned and free to be used by anybody. The government make a fair days pay out of certification fees, training and a percentage of the money spent on books etc.

    The Prince2 Practitioner course isnt routinely ran, however i have heard of a few being run at Shriv. It will cost you a good 1500 quid from your ELC or training budget.
  3. Thanks Boney m! I don't suppose you know which dept at Shriv runs the course?
  4. They are usually run by via the DPA at Abbeywood, usually running throughout the year, it would probably be worth speaking to someone within the IPT located thier for more info.

    I done my course through a company based in London, the rates were very reasonable although intense covering all the subject matter to reach Practitioner level with the exam at the end of the week, although worth looking at or for more details.
  5. If you are going to fork out the money to do the Practitioner course you are better off doing it at a local educational establishment or college as the pass rate at Shrivenham when compared to the aforementioned establishments is not that good. Several people at my unit have been on their Prince2 course, those who went to the local college faired better than those who went to Shrivenham.
  6. Interesting DBP! Was the course at Shriv run by an outside agency at Shriv or was it people from Shriv that carried out the insruction? Any idea what they paid for the privilege of failing at Shriv?
  7. If anyone is following this up to do themselves and has decided the civvi option is the way ahead, try the google links below. They are a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than those listed in the thread so far.
  8. I'm not sure what they paid for the course at Shrivenham, but the results were due to the difference in the quality of instruction, something to do with the college's finances being performance related and the military being a non profit making organisation.
  9. Depending on your timescales it it possible to do both Foundation and Practitiioner level training by distance learning from a cd provided by Spoce . Currently it is priced at £699 + dreaded. This includes training, a revision course, Foundation exam and Practioner exam. Whether this is appropriate depends on the amount of spare time you have and the amount of relevant experience.
  10. You can also do Prince2 at Admiral House in Bristol. Have a look at the DPMT Website on the Intranet for all the Project management courses.