Does anyone know if civvy airlines will take gorilla boxes as normal hold baggage??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by evo7scotsman, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if civvy airlines will take gorilla boxes as normal hold baggage??
  2. on wether it has a gorilla in it
  3. In simple terms, yes. However it depends on the size and your luggage/weight allowance. All the airlines differ in this regard and it varies again on your ticket. The most reliable thing is to check the website of whatever airline you will be using. It does seem that some airlines are out to charge you extra for luggage by keeping the allowances low.
  4. Why wouldn't they if you meet the standard requirements? They take peli cases and even those brightly coloured plastic faux fabric bags beloved by many from the Asian sub continent.
  5. Lol cheers
  6. No idea who were flying with, its a civvy flight, but were getting 55kg/2 bag allowance
  7. Ahh! Gorilla boxes as in footlockers? Yes they do. Just the weight may be a problem as in excess baggage. Top tip would be to put at least 1 strap around it.
  8. I dont think ill have any problem with the weight.

    55kg is a shitload!!

    Most of my mil kit is in a box on its way to Germany
  9. Put some gaffa tape round it, to hold it shut. On the gaffa tape, write 'if opened, please reseal' in Sharpie, and leave some gaffa tape inside. That way if somebody wants to search your box, they can do, and they'll reseal it as you did. That's what I've always done with guitar case and never had an issue.

    No I'm not James Blunt by the way.
  10. A 55kg box is likely to be rejected. There was a 32kg limit on any one piece of baggage when I last tried carting heavy kit around - something to do with the lifting limits for the airport baggage handlers. I was typically carrying 45 kilos or so, but spread between two bags (keeping the heavy kitbag below 32kg was always a pain).

    Try calling said civvy airline and asking them? They can be quite helpful if you explain the problem. Especially if there are a shedload of business travellers on the flight with only a briefcase each.

    The upside is that Edinburgh airport was always quite good about not charging excess baggage (so long as you didn't take the piss). Try and check your stuff straight through if you're transit through Heathrow or Gatwick - they're much tighter on the weight allowance.
  11. I was going to have the box and a kitbag, with the 55kg divided between them.

    Annoyingly Edinburgh Airport is my closest one, but were flying from Birmingham.

    Cheers for the reply
  12. BA didn't have a problem taking a troops worth of Gorilla boxes to the US and back earlier this year.
  13. Excess weight has nothing to do with the airport. It is the carrier who makes the charge. God help you if you are flying with Ryanair!
  14. Are you on a trooping flight?
  15. Erm...whats one of them?? lol

    As far as I know/think, we are on a civvy flight, but booked by the army for 20ish of us